Kabukicho Sherlock : Where is He?

Episode 15

Ano hito haizu ko” (あの人はいずこ)

This episode started off seemingly innocent and ended up with terrorism and not so nice things going on.

It starts with a simple MLM Scam.

Someone shows interest in Dilan and becomes his “fiancee” as long as he goes along with the VTY scheme and becomes a partner. When his money is all gone so is the woman and he wants to find out how she truly feels.

At the same time blood falls from the sky and is posted all over this worlds version of Instagram.

I liked that Watson went off with Mary instead of Sherlock even if it ended up with Sherlock being the one to solve it. We got to see a different side to Mary even if she was still manipulative and it was nice to see that she seems to truly care about Lucy in her own way. She’s still absolutely the worst person.

Plus it was kind of nice to see a darker episode again.

The MLM Scam was a cover for Isshiki the CEO to actually kill a bunch of people. Sherlock seems to have known about him and he’s been poisoning people since he was a kid but this was going to be his big act of terrorism that Sherlock just kind of lucked into defeating. Before he does that though we have one of the nastiest murders in the show so far with Isshiki injected poison into someone who then kind of scratches at his neck in pain

It was a reminder that no matter how light hearted, strange and fun this show can be underneath it all it is still a show about murderers and people trying to investigate actual real crimes.

Plus it was funny seeing both Kobayashi and Kyogoku being kicked out of the building and not even getting to Cathy to talk to her about Dilan. Then again whilst I get that they wanted to put Mary in the limelight it didn’t really do much for her other then to once again show that she’s manipulative and not very nice. I kind of like every other detective and it would have been nice if this episode at least did something to adjust my view on her or really see a different side to her but we didn’t get that opportunity.

I’m not sure why we need to see small snippets of Moriarty every episode though.

Like I know this entire thing is building up to whatever is ending the series but as much as I liked this episode it was just a filler episode giving us a small break from Sherlock. You can’t help but feel like we’re building up to whatever is happening with Moriarty but I just don’t care at this point.

It would have been nice to visit him once in a while and to have this big blow out whenever it is coming. Just randomly seeing him in prison isn’t doing anything for me though.

I get it. He’s in prison.

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