Darwin’s Game : Fireworks

Episode 4

Faiāwākusu” (火花ファイアーワークス)

I guess it is time to see how Rain and Kaname get away from the Florist.

You will not hear me stop saying how much I like the differences Darwin’s Game has to just about everything else.

Neither Rain nor Kaname want to kill so they don’t have to. It might be ultimately a Killing Game but as the man whose name it uses it really is a game of survival whilst being put under intense pressure and the threat of death.

Some people might turn to killing out of fun, sometimes you’ll have to kill out of necessity but unlike all other games there is the option to just survive and that is what Kaname has not just decided he would do but the message he kind of wants to spread to those he beats as well. He doesn’t want to kill so he just doesn’t and whilst sometimes that won’t help him as some people just want to kill at other times like here with the Florist it is enough.

This episode had me hooked from beginning to end.

At first it was a battle of brains, then it came down to a actual fight between the Florist and Kaname before diving into just what Kaname’s power actually is and giving us a new goal on how to survive the rest of this event.

For a start it was interesting to learn about Rain and the Florists Sigils.

Rain’s is that of Laplace, the ability to see and analyse what is happening around her giving her the ability to be one step ahead of those she’s up against. The Florists is pretty much plant based but like Poison Ivy before him he shows that plant power isn’t a weakness.

Plus knowing that the powers aren’t infinite is something I never even thought about. It is like a game where you run out of MP which leaves the players who run out of their Sigil at a disadvantage in games like this.

It also showed us that everyone has their own reasons for playing.

Like Kaname it looks like Rain was sent a link and unwittingly joined the game which makes sense for her to end up choosing to evade people instead of fight them, on the other hand the Florist is sick anyway and wants money presumably for his daughter so chooses to kill so that he can leave her money on his death which in its own way is actually a bunch sadder then accidentally clicking a link and joining this game without knowing what you were doing.

It makes for a much more interesting world in general.

With that being said I kind of hope that this forced clan actually happens and that the Florist actually ends up joining with them. It would be interesting to see a actual clan being born out of it but I feel that he has a very real reason to be doing what he is doing and therefore not wanting to give it up and do things differently.

Going forward and we’ll have the players who are more inclined to kill coming after the rings in the hotel, with both the Florist and Kaname using their power up it is time to get clever with how they survive.

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