Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun : The Misaki Stairs Part 1

Episode 3

Misaki Kaidan Sono Ichi” (ミサキ階段其の一)

Another week and another rumour passed on from Aoi to Yashiro. This time about the 4th stair outside the Art Classroom…

Just once more it turns into reality and this time Aoi is caught up in it all.

This series really is bizarre.

It doesn’t really land on one atmosphere. One moment Hanako is coming over all creepy just for seconds later him to turn it into a joke, things can be super serious then Yashiro is stuffing a padded bra up her top. I like it but at the same time boy is it a funny feeling.

Visually it is amazing to watch as well, all the differing types of animation style from the more serious to the more whacky all blend together really well. Not only that but the colour pallet is pretty amazing managing to be really dark whilst very vibrant all at the same time.

That just adds to the craziness though as you get all caught up in just about everything.

Which I think is how it works.

No.2 of the School Mysteries of which Hanako himself is No.7 is actually pretty creepy. If you step on the 4th stair of the Misaki Stairs you end up in No.2’s own domain or Boundary. What happens then is No.2 makes you find the various body parts that “she” lost when being chopped up on that stair just of course if you are finding HER body parts how is she using a phone to call you?

Yashiro and Hanako are joined on their adventure to find Aoi and other missing students by Kou which is actually pretty great because it gives Hanako someone else to bully and someone for extra support for Yashiro.

Oh and there is also another boy using a black paper crane to spy on Yashiro.

Everything is just so crazy and happens so fast that you can’t help but get caught up in it. The stories are actually genuinely scary and told in such a great way that you are hooked just by the story itself. When it comes to life of course it isn’t super scary but it still works because there is a element of these spirits not being so nice to it.

We know Hanako killed someone, maybe he killed this person? Yet half the time he’s just a really funny character that is doing his best to wind the people around him up.

Plus the Yousei are sticking around and they are just cute bunny blobs.

I was a little worried this was going to turn into a short skit or two a week thing so I’m happy to see that it is going for a two-parter which I already knew having seen the title of this episode but seeing how it played out really made me excited to see how they end this story. So far even the short stories of the first 2 episodes have been really good so having a even longer one probably just means it’ll be even better.

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