The Case Files of Jeweler Richard : Insight of the Cat’s Eye

Episode 3

Kyattsuai no Keigan” (キャッツアイの慧眼)

From the emotional roller coaster we had last week to a much more relaxed outing this week as we see Seigi and Richard take on the request of a child.

Technically not though as the child came to buy something and through learning what he wants we learnt the sad story of a father and son who just stopped talking for a little bit.

In fact it was a bit of a non-story really.

It did open up some wounds for Seigi and reminded me that we know he loved his grandmother and he’s a bit iffy on his mother but we’ve never really learnt much about his father. Not that we learnt anything in this episode.

There was a whole bunch to like in this episode, the interactions between characters was fun and I like that we’re seeing a much more childish streak in Richard when it comes to sweets and puddings.  The kid Hajime was actually pretty funny and I got why his story was sad but it just felt like such a disappointing story after it kind of felt a little built up.

His story was about a cat.

We learn they adopted a stray cat who coincidentally managed to stop them from getting hurt or acted weird just before bad news came in meaning that the kid thought it was truly able to tell when things were going to happen and try to warn/stop them from happening. Suddenly with his mother pregnant his father took the cat and thinking that Hajime hadn’t seen him take the cat had brought the Cats Eye, a actually super expensive gem, for him to look after him.

Thing is being a stray the cat had made his pregnant mother ill and the father had just taken the cat out of the house until the baby was born.

Yet his father never bothered to tell him that.

This is what I mean by it being a bit of a disappointment.

We had this kid who had stormed into the place and acted like he owned the whole world and in the end his story was about his father for some reason not telling him why they removed the cat from the house. It was the weirdest story I’ve ever heard, the kid is old enough to find his way to a jewelers to try and buy a gem yet he isn’t old enough to know that the cat has certain germs that make pregnant women sick?

Then again it is only after the fact that I feel that way.

I love how Richard and Seigi talk to other people and interact with them and I love their relationship so much. Richard being so laid back and cool whilst Seigi runs at everything head on is a nice dynamic. Hajime was a sweet lad and even hearing the story made me feel bad for him but that ending of having the dad just not trust him with a pretty mundane fact kind of ruined it for me.

Not all stories can be amazing I guess?

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