Star Trek : Picard : Remembrance

Episode 1

I grew up a Star Trek fan. Out of me and my two sisters I was the only one that actually enjoyed sitting down to watch TOS, Next Generation or Voyager with my grandparents and it was Jean-Luc Picard (and a little bit Kathryn Janeway) that ended up being kind of a hero to me.

Whilst I have never bothered to watch Discovery as most people tell me I’d hate it personally this was something I couldn’t give up watching.

For a first episode it really felt like it sped through the story which I actually think wasn’t a bad thing.

We got the basic premise for everything to come without having to get bogged down in anything too heavy right off the bat. Dahj was OK as a character but that was all she had to be which is sad but actually also kind of nice. Her story went from nothing to everything so fast and whilst I loved her brief relationship with Picard it felt very much like they wanted to get who she was and why she was special just out there in stone right now so that there isn’t any mystery or hang ups about who she or Soji are and we can just get on with it.

For me it hooked me into the episode because you couldn’t look away as it went so fast but it also didn’t go by so fast that I lost interest either.

Everything about Jean-Luc Picard just fascinates me, I don’t need to tell anyone that Patrick Stewart is the kind of actor that just instantly grabs your attention and Picard for me is that one character of his that I grew up always wanting to be like. Seeing him out of Starfleet feels weird but also he stays true to who he is which I really love and he has a great relationship with Dahj and the two Romulan survivors who live with him. In fact any time he was on screen with just about anyone you just cared about everything they were saying.

Which makes the fact that this is so far set on Earth and not very action based or even Star Trek-ish yet feel OK.

It doesn’t need to be because you just care about what the heck is happening to Picard. You never lost that feeling that this IS Picard and it IS Star Trek but it also didn’t need to look like Star Trek.

Also every scene with Data in it made me cry. I can’t help it.

From what I’ve got from the first episode I’m really interested in the story of Dahj and Soji. I don’t really get where it is going or what Picard is going to do now other then probably try and find Soji but it is exciting to think of all the possibilities that lay ahead. Seeing Picard get emotional over people he barely knows, all the dreams of Data and even just him getting mad at the reporter just reminds you of how great that character is.

It was just super cool.

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