Infinite Dendrogram : Superior

Episode 3

Superioru” (超級)

With the Player Killers out of the way and Ray happy with his job it is time for some actual adventures.

That being said I’m happy that they actually let us see how the Player Killers were defeated in all four corners of the map.

Getting to see the four top players just trample those who were causing problems was scary in a way because whilst those PKs were tough themselves they were scary in numbers whilst these are just scary on their own. Not just that but you got to see how scary some of the top level Embryos actually are as well.

This episode went a little down hill after that honestly.

It was fun to meet basically a news reporter, who now seems to be teamed up with them for the time being, who let us see the fights and told us the bits we were missing from the story but it didn’t really feel like it had much of a direction after that.

Ray and Nemesis want to find the Northern Player Killer who wasn’t defeated and was the one guy who had taken them down, they are also on their way to Gideon with Rook and the reporter Marie but not before they end up having tea with the tian Chesire who is there when they first log in and get some weird hint about something from him. It just didn’t feel like it flowed that well and I kind of got lost.

Maybe lost is a strong word as it isn’t that hard to follow but I felt like it skipped around a bit in what was happening that I didn’t care and I’m not sure why they are going to Gideon or how they plan on finding the Player Killer.

These things just all so happened to be on some kind of To Do List that Ray has.

Nemesis was much easier to like in this episode, she didn’t do much other then eat and walk around which actually suits her. I love the variety of jobs you can have and how Rook is totally innocent of their job as a pimp which they took thinking that it would help tame Monsters. Babi is actually pretty OK too and Marie was a fun addition to the team.

That being said they don’t feel like a team, they don’t feel like anything!

This show might be beautiful and it might be a whole bunch of fun but right now it is starting to feel like it doesn’t have much of a point. It doesn’t really have to as it is just a bunch of people playing a video game but Bofuri manages to feel like the characters and story have a purpose and continue down that path no matter how small that path might be.

Unfortunately for this show whilst I’m enjoying it I don’t feel any real purpose from it which is a shame because I feel like this is because it has TOO much going on. Whilst Bofuri is simplistic and goes from one quest to the next and does what gamers would do in these games there is a lot brewing in the background of this show and right now it feels like it is juggling with too many balls that it is starting to lose that feel of adventure.

Then again they are just starting out so I’m sure it’ll pick up.

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