Plunderer : The Unavoidable Uniform

Episode 3

Seifuku da kara shikatanai” (制服だから仕方ない)

There were tears in the last episode but now our main cast are spread out and people are after Licht for many different reasons.

So where has he ended up?

I loved this episode.

It might make me seem like a bit of a hypocrite as me and Anna tend to either really enjoy humour like this or hate it and there doesn’t seem to be any real line that a show can cross it just depends on the anime itself.

This one is kind of hitting it in the right direction for me.

Having Licht’s number be about the women that turn him down was a ridiculous thing, specially as Licht himself isn’t actually bad looking and as we’ve seen with him and Hina he can actually be pretty down to Earth and normal. Why he then suddenly has to be perverted and weird I don’t know, maybe he wants to have a negative number though seemingly being a Ace and a ballot holder is a bad thing so why would he want his number to be in the minus?

Maybe to keep women safe if he will forever be hunted?

Then again if that is the truth then why not just stay away instead of basically begging women to be nice to him?

It seems a odd thing to actively lower your number when that is the dead giveaway for being a ballot holder honestly.

This episode played into it so well. Sure it was a little over the top but it really helped introduce us to Lynn and Pele. Out in the sticks Lynn’s count is about how many people she helps which has shaped her to be a super helpful lady even though her count only goes up if they are in dire need, Pele on the other hand we don’t know his count but he seems to love winding up Lynn. The two of them were hilarious together and Pele teaming up with Licht and kind of forcing Lynn to go on a “date” with Licht just made me laugh.

There isn’t a bunch more to say about it.

More so then even the first episode this felt very much like a introduction to people. We had it with Hina and now we’ve got Lynn and Pele and in a way I preferred them. Their worlds are bound to clash now that the military are on their way to Licht and it looks like Lynn is going to continue to try and arrest Licht.

It was just a really funny episode honestly, I laughed throughout and loved Licht dressed as a pudding.

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