Bofuri : I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense : Defense and Reaching Second Level

Episode 3

Bōgyo Toku-ka to Ni-sō Kōryaku.” (防御特化と二層攻略。)

With both Maple and Sally in game now it is time to relax and just explore the world they now get to spend time in.

Kind of the calm before the storm really as the girls hang about on Level 1 before they move onto Level 2 and experience the newest Event.

Not before rule changes though.

One thing the first Event obviously did was show holes in the game that the developers probably didn’t think would exist. I mean how many gamers truly don’t bother putting any points in anything other then Defense? Or end up beating their opponents by eating them?

Before we even log into NWO this week we are told that Devour has been changed so that it can only be used 10 times per day as well as from now on no matter how high your Defense is you will still be able to feel the attacks.

That in itself isn’t a bad thing.

Maple was starting to feel OP and this means that we’ll get a much more fun dynamic with Sally.

Which we got. Instantly.

It was nice in the last episode to see Sally be able to get her own equipment herself by fighting a boss on her own but at the same time we all know that if Maple had been there it would have been over much faster and even with Sally being a Pro Gamer in some ways and gaining on Maple every time we see her it is nice to have that one thing that just made Maple a little over the top get put back a little bit.

She can still use Devour, she’s still got her Hydra power and she’s still kind of OP but they’ve reigned it in a touch which will hopefully see not only Sally shine next to her like she did in this episode but others who might join them.

I keep saying that Sally got to shine or whatever and that is because in this episode Maple actually gets knocked out and Sally is the one that defeats the boss on her own.

In fact Sally is the reason they even got as far as they did with Maple conscious as her experience in games let her see through the boss’s defense and find a way to attack it. It was such a cool looking boss too, some kind of stag made out of vines and stuff, seeing Sally get to defeat it on her own was pretty cool as well.

Now we have a Event to look forward to, a scavenge hunt that they can do in parties.

This episode was much more chill though and we got to explore a whole bunch. Sally was able to take Maple to secret places and it was cool to see some of the weirder hidden areas in the game world. They were a bit over the top and not really the kind of thing you really see that often in games but they gave the two bonding time which was nice and both the field of flowers and the dinner they had were so beautiful.

It was also nice to see some other characters get reintroduced, getting to find out a little about the guy who is conquering this game and also to see newer characters who are so obviously going to be important at some point seeing they made such a fuss over them in this episode.

Things to look forward to!

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