Pet : Jobs

Episode 3

With a little more information on just how the Crushers work and what they are doing we see Hiroki and Tsukasa want to move away from their work and run their own company. They can never escape The Company though.

Plus I don’t think Tsukasa really wants to.

It was a strange episode that left me wondering what the motivations of Tsukasa truly is. I don’t think he is a bloodthirsty moron like Katsuragi but I’m not sure he’s that bothered about living a life away from jumping into people’s minds like Hiroki.

We did see in the last episode that he is to Hiroki what Hayashi is to Satoru in so far as he was the person who unlocked Hiroki’s potential and helped build his valleys and peaks. That was why in the last episode Hiroki pushed beyond his boundaries rather then let Satoru jump in with Tsukasa and in this episode even though he won’t go on the jobs he demands that Tsukasa won’t work with Satoru again.

Then spends the entire episode sulking in their fish store and even uses his powers to make a girl break up with her boyfriend.

On the surface it looks like Tsukasa has done this for Hiroki and is only still working with the Company because he has to but underneath I don’t think that is quite how it works.

That doesn’t really come over until the end of the episode where not only does he call Hiroki his pet but then has a touch of a smile on his face as him and Katsuragi head off to find Hayashi who has apparently been in hiding for two years. It makes you wonder just who Tsukasa really is and also kind of reminded me that the show is called Pet and we hadn’t really gotten a explanation to that yet.

Away from that the episode was as interesting as ever.

Tsukasa was diving into a guy called Inui’s mind.

Now this was trippy as hell and was such a good story.

He lived with what I’m guessing was his grandmother who dressed him as a girl and made him basically live his life as a girl whilst taking money from potentially his father. This lead to Inui stalking his father and his fathers son and wishing that his father would take the same interest in him so when he was older, after who I’m presuming was his mother killed his grandmother and he was living life as a violent thug on the streets, someone offered him a baseball bat he projected his father onto that person and did whatever he was told to appease a father he never had.

Like how sad is that story?

Tsukasa might not have “crushed” him as such but he opened the guys mind up till he basically went crazy, thought he was being accused of stealing again and killed someone just to be killed himself. I felt so sorry for him and I guess it was another warning that Tsukasa isn’t as good as he comes across as he must have known this was what was going to happen.

All in all it was another really fantastic episode and I really enjoyed the weirdness of Inui’s memories as well as the added layers to characters I thought were really boring.

Plus now we look like we’re going to see more about Satoru and the guy that helped him become who he is today which will be interesting as well.

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