Babylon : The Curtain Rises

Episode 11

Kaimaku” (開幕)

One thing this episode left me feeling was simple this.

Wouldn’t it have been nice if this show was this interesting from beginning to end?

We go to the G7 Summit where it is obvious that no one really wants to talk about the Suicide Law but argue over it like school kids as politicians do. Whilst the UK and France are against it Germany and Canada actually are for it leaving the US, Italy and the EU kind of in the middle and as you can expect Alexander W. Wood, my absolute favourite character in this, takes the group down a different path.

What then happened was we got a really interesting debate on what is good and evil.

Is it something that humanity have created? Can there be good and evil if there is only one person or is it a group need? Can there be good without a evil and can two similar situations be separated as a good deed and a bad deed when they do similar things?

There were so many interesting parts of this episode that really made you think about it yourself.

Do other creatures have good and evil in their life? Is that what stops most species from eating each other? Are their moral compasses better then ours seeing that they don’t go to war with each other like humans do?

None of this is going to be answered though as a wonderfully written debate that I guess can never truly be answered was cut short because the Suicide Summit wants all of the attention.

In comes probably Magase.

I guess this is the fight we need to see?

Itsuki does all the showman stuff about people wanting to commit suicide and oh look it just so happens a WOMAN wants to jump off a building and she can’t make up her mind and is scared that everyone here will just tell her to kill herself so the only person she can talk to is Alexander W. Wood.

The moment he started talking about a woman I knew it was going to be her. It hasn’t been confirmed yet but who else would it be?

Broadcasting to the world at large and wanting to talk to the person who holds most of the power in the world.

What I really don’t want is for a character so smart and so interesting to fall into this trap. It is obvious they want her to talk to the world at large and cause some sort of mass genocide but I feel like we’ve been given enough information about this man that I don’t think it’ll work.

I don’t think he really has the kind of urges in him that Magase is meant to work through and he is too set in his ways of thinking about everything for him to just take something one person says at face value. I’m so interested in seeing this debate but I’m also terrified that the one character I think I’ve enjoyed the most because he is the only one actually thinking about anything is going to fall at the hands of the worst thought out concept in the entire series.

Would love to be wrong though.

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