Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! : Let’s Accomplish Something!

Episode 3

Jisseki wo uchitatero!” (実績を打ち立てろ!)

After a fall from Asakusa the group have money! They have pretty much all they need, now just for some motivation and a decent idea.

You have to start to feel a little upset for Kanamori.

Sure Asakusa and Mizusaki are the genius creators and Kanamori is only really in it for any money she can get but she’s trying to focus two morons who get distracted by the simplest of things as well as to get them to understand the way a committee works.

It was fun watching her try to communicate with them and herd them in the right direction but also frustrating to see them ignore extremely good advice from a very smart person.

I love how their short animation went from being simple to anything but. It was interesting to see how they built the small piece together from scratch, first deciding on a location before adding random pieces to it till they had a girl in a oxygen mask fighting a tank flying around the scenery at a million miles a hour. It gave them both a chance to show off what they find most important in animation.

Not only that but we got not only to hear what Mizusaki finds most important this week but see it.

She’s all about realism and wants to make sure characters move realistically around the screen, it is all about the small details whether it be the hair, clothes, the way a certain thing will move if something else moves or whatever.

Of course as I said it is up to Kanamori to try her best to reign them in a little.

I think the problem is the Artists want the best in all their work but all they need right now is a working piece that will impress laymen who are giving them money. There is no point in having a wonderfully animated yet rather boring bit showcasing movement and the rest if the people witnessing it don’t appreciate that part of animation.

I say it all the time but this show feels like a love letter to the creating process of anime but it also gives you that wonderful insight into it too it doesn’t just show how much animators love what they do but lets you witness the hard work that you know is there but never really imagine because why would you?

I kind of hope we get to see the finished project and how in reality it looks when presented, I’m sure that is the next step.

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