Dorohedoro : In The Bag

Episode 2

Dorohedoro has no chill.

Between everyone having to meet the guy in Caiman’s head to torn off faces and people being turned into creepy crawlers, this show literally doesn’t wait before it gets even more crazy, gross and weird.

What to say about this episode?

I kind of like how this isn’t just the story of Caiman but the Sorcerers actually have their story told as well. En’s group is interesting but it really is Fujita that makes them, he’s the one that wants revenge from Caiman because he killed his partner and this episode he ends up being the carer for Ebisu who is running around without her face right now.

Everything about everything is just weird and gross and anytime Fujita and Ebisu were on screen you knew it was getting weirder and grosser.

For example just the dress that Ebisu was wearing that Fujita couldn’t put together so she had her tit hanging out most of the episode was that kind of weird that half reminds me of Judge Dredd and half comes out of one of my worst nightmares. The designs are amazing and make you uncomfortable as hell and I really like that.

It is weird though because Caiman doesn’t really come over as being as violent as he is.

That sounds weird but he’s really childish in his way and because we don’t really know the history of this world or why the Sorcerers are so bad other then some of them use their magic for bad reasons when Caiman wants to kill ones that don’t seem to be doing any harm to anyone it just feels a little jarring with what we see most of the time with him.

Then again the whole thing in his head this episode was really creepy.

Maybe that is why I like it.

There is this bizarre comedy feel to it set in this really grim and disgusting place. All the masks are horrifying, the characters are kind of simplistic which just adds to the unnerving feel and the story just involves lots of death and scary people.

I mean it is called in the bag because they literally stuffed dead people in bags who stayed alive even though they were just bits.

Yet… The two characters who were doing that are super interesting and kinda cute together. They go around killing people but I loved them and I want to see more of them. Their dinner with En was hilarious and that isn’t something you ever think you’ll say about two people who earlier were sticking pieces of dead person in a bin bag.

Really like this.

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