Anime Highlights Week 53

13th January – 19th January 2020

We have a whooping 18 shows we’re reviewing this season. We struggle usually with a handful BUT have managed to get through pretty much all the opening episodes without much problems.

If you want to see what the best and worst of this week was in a unorganized mess of a rant then this is the place for you!

Monday bloody Monday

It is said that Monday is the worst day of the week. Long, long ago the weekend seemingly was a precious thing and not just another two days in a long line of days so whilst those lucky people who work 9-5 Monday-Friday fancy jobs sigh at the thought of a Monday it is just another day for us unfortunate retail workers in which weekends are just days that people are even more annoying.

So what is better then Monday’s being bloody, gory Monday with Suicide-centric Babylon for a few more weeks, Mind controlling Pet and blink and you’ll miss 20 murders Dorohedoro all out on a Monday.

What more could you ask for?!

Trippy, trippy trip trips

Do you ever watch a show and just feel like that might be what it is like taking drugs?

I don’t know what it feels to take drugs but some anime put me in that mood. I mean just the opening to Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! does that to me but we started the week with the biggest trip in Pet.

Totally loved how Pet opened up their world so we could understand it better but it meant that we delved into the deepest darkest and highest water filled memories of Kenji with one character constantly turning into a goldfish and the other turning into water. It was beautifully done but boy was it crazy.

Feel Good Wholesomeness

We all love a bit of happiness in our lives and there are so many series this season that want to fill that gap.

Take Bofuri for example. Sure we got the name wrong last week for some reason (how do we get the name wrong on something?!) but the show is the cutest take on Gamer Girls I’ve seen in a long time.

No trying to make them out to be sexed up on purpose, no trying to make them look lesser then anyone else and no competitive nature taking over to make them look like bitches. Just good old fashioned fun in a video game which as a Gamer Girl myself I can fully get behind.

Plus as depressing as Somali and the Forest Spirit might end up being right now it is pretty much the most wholesome experience you can get as a Golem Dad is trying to figure out how to be a dad when he doesn’t have any emotions or human abilities.

Throw in two sweet Oni and it tried very hard to beat Bofuri this week.

Third place would always be Asteroid in Love. It is Wholesome in general.

Gemstone Appreciation

One thing we love about anime is sometimes you end up watching something that just continues to teach you random things.

Last season it was After School Dice Club and Table Top gaming, back along it was Dagashi Kashi and sweets from Japan.

Now though it is Jeweler Richard and Gem Stones.

Anime CSI – How did I not see it?!

So ID : Invaded is basically CSI and I never noticed it till now.

OK it isn’t and I’m mainly saying that because obviously as I said in the review itself the story was a CSI one kind of back in the day with the whole locked in a box thing.

Why ID : Invaded is on here though is because it is really interesting and it takes some of my favourite things of crime shows and adds in its own really weird stance and we get to learn more about the mindset of the killers because we’re in the minds of the killer.

Now just for them to always let us actually talk to the killer so we know more about him.

Little Engine That Could

That opening scene in Magia Record this week was something else.

The little steam engine that the girls had created that ended up burning up the books was a sight to be seen but it was one of those weirdly beautiful moments that this series has intertwined with all the rest of the crazy stuff.

Our Week in VR?!

So maybe we should do a weekly look at what the two VR worlds are doing?

Whereas Bofuri saw Risa enter the world as Sally and basically go through the same thing that Maple did last week, Ray in Infinite Dendrogram just went about his business meeting people that are going to be important along the way, learning more about the world he’s in and just doing stuff.

If we had to compare them both, which we don’t have to do but it isn’t any fun not doing it, I think Bofuri was the strongest of the two in the second week but both were still super fun.

Horrible Hag Monster!


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