Smile Down the Runway : The Professional World

Episode 2

Puro no Sekai” (プロの世界)

It seems like it ended one of the dreams way too early in the first episode so where the show goes from here is anyone’s guess.

To me this episode was cheap.

Last episode’s bombshell ending was based on false information so instantly the offer is retracted the second that Chiyuki’s father finds out that Tsumura is still a student.

It was just cheap, there is no other word to describe it.

After that was pulled the rest of the episode and how Tsumura came to be with Hazime Yanagida, a designer starting his own business, kind of just felt even cheaper. In fact that is what the entire show is starting to feel, cheap as hell.

Even Chiyuki’s personality seemed to shift from being a air head and being cruel to be kind to actually just being a bitch.

It felt like watching a totally different show.

When it got into Tsumura with Yanagida it got interesting and I enjoyed it a little bit but at the same time it is hard to get excited that he might work for a guy who worked two other people to what looks like the breaking point. One of them can’t even make the fashion show the other is so tired she has a nose bleed and has to stop trying to fix the final dress which surprise surprise Chiyuki is going to be wearing because all the other models pulled out and her dad sent her there.

In some ways it did feel like a cruel trick on Yanagida.

He needed someone to help with the fashion show so he was sent Tsumura who has had no training, is self taught and had very little knowledge of the things being spat at him. Then he lost a model and the replacement again is someone unfit to do the job asked of them.

I don’t know if we’re meant to see it as cruel or whether Chiyuki’s father is kind of throwing them into the fire to see if they survive but I don’t think Yanagida deserved that.

Then again the guy worked two people to their deaths pretty much so what I am actually saying?!

All that being said I still liked it?

I know that sounds really weird but there is this weird part of me that really enjoyed that horrible side of the fashion industry.

Don’t get me wrong I would love something to look at a positive side to it but half the time the reason I loved Ugly Betty other then the family aspect of it was because I don’t like the fashion industry or understand it much so it is nice to be able to hate it a little more even if it is a falsified version of it made up for drama.

That is really weird but maybe that ability to roll my eyes and act like I know anything about this world made it bearable when in other shows it would have been enough to turn me off the show.

I don’t know.

Tsumura saves this show and I have a weird need to learn more about Yanagida.

Just let us not talk about how weird my need for this show to carry on and make everyone bitches other then Tsumura is because I’m not proud of myself for it.

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