Magia Record : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story : Sorry For Making You My Friend

Episode 3

Tomodachi ni Shite Gomen ne” (友達にしてごめんね)

Someone has been taken by the Chain Witch, can she be saved whichever girl it was that was taken?

Honestly I really loved the conclusion to this story.

Again I’m comparing it to my feelings on the original but it just felt like it actually had a decent story running through and ended perfectly for that story. None of the characters bother me like Madoka does and I honestly felt so sad for Rena.

She wanted to be someone else because she hates herself. I relate. Thing is when you hate yourself that much you think others can’t see the good in you so hate you too. Her view on her relationship with Kaede is skewered because of that. It was extremely sad and I like that Rena got to express herself, save Kaede and apologise in her own way.

Most of this story was set in yet another stunning environment.

The Chain Witches Labyrinth was fantastically brought together but it was the journey there to begin with that was something else. I always say what kept me watching Madoka and made me decide to watch this was the visual aspect of the series which has always been outstanding and this didn’t disappoint.

Also I like the fact that the big bad of the series might not even be a Witch at all!

I thought I had seen a Grief Seed appear but it seems that one didn’t, or else someone got to it before hand, and if like me you watch until everything ends you’ll know that Kyubey has sent a old friend into Kamihama to see what is going on.

As you know I wasn’t too sure that I was going to enjoy it even after last weeks episode, not because I hadn’t enjoyed it so far but because I felt like episode 1 and 2 flew by and so many people were introduced that it wasn’t going to let the story flow and I was going to have to keep up with it and I wasn’t really ready to do so without being given a reason.

These two episode have made me fall in love with the little team we have in Kamihama and I want to see more of them, I would like to see Iroha’s team mate again and I love the mystery of her missing sister but I kind of need it to settle now.

I don’t mind seeing them fighting Witches randomly, I don’t mind the crazy stuff going on, but I do want some stability in the story to some point.

Also baby Kyubey was back.

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