Koisuru Asteroid // Asteroid in Love : Memories Are Treasures

Episode 3

Omoide wa Takaramono” (思い出はたからもの)

Another week of ridiculously wholesome goodness packaged up in another adorable anime.

It is time to go back to the Earth Science club and see what the girls are up to this week.

We move away from school activities and get a bit of a look at the girls themselves and the bonds they are creating in and out of the club.

Of course each little part of the story had Ao and Mira in it but only the first one really focused on them when we learn that Ao gets carried away with Star Gazing and failed a test by putting a star she stayed up late looking at name on her test instead of her own as well as Mira having a romance manga she has wrote about her and Ao.

It is all its usual cute self including Suzu who was in all the stories too and Mira’s older sister who ended up with the banded stone and built up a rack to keep it in and give her and the others good luck.

It then naturally moved on and we saw the girls help out in Suzu’s bakery, meeting her sister as well, before ending with a look at Inose and what she loves the most in the world as well as how she ended up in the Earth Science club. Specially after you learn her passion is maps and not necessarily geology.

Opening it up so that we get to see the passions that the other girls have I think is pretty important and they did it in such a nice way that we got a little glimpse of everyone bar one or two characters without going over the top or needing drama or sadness to do so.

Like Inose’s story isn’t the happiest, she like Mira had a friend who she lost contact with and her love of maps she can now share with the Earth Science club… Though in moderation as she doesn’t think it is right to mix a hobby with her School Club. Her Treasure is the people and the memories and not something random and it was really a lovely way of introducing us a little more to Inose.

Ultimately this show isn’t really going to end with the girls finding a Asteroid unless something ridiculous happens so it is nice that we get this break away from the club and see the girls finding their own Asteroid in a way which is each other.

That is kind of what I love about these shows though the most.

Slice of Life should show life. It doesn’t always have to be over the top and silly either it can simply just be normal, boring and mundane but interesting because the characters are characters we care for. I think Asteroid in Love has done enough to make us love the characters that episode like this when nothing really happens and the adventures and stories are just every day things that happen ends up being a totally wonderful 20+ minutes of TV.

Plus Suzu is adorable.

More Suzu.

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