Kabukicho Sherlock : Take Back Your Melon Heart

Episode 14

Torimodose meron no Kokoro” (取り戻せメロンのココロ)

It is time we go back and have a look at what is happening with Kyogoku after everything he went through himself.

What better way to do it then introduce some of his backstory, have him in a hospital and have Sherlock throw poo over his head.

No I’m not joking but in some ways it was exactly what Sherlock had to do.

All of the Detectives have their own weird personalities and we all know that Kyogoku is a clean freak, left to his own devices after being drugged and finding out the love of his life was Jack the Ripper did nothing to help him so in the hospital he’s pretty much gone until Sherlock sticks poo on his head and slightly brings him out of his funk.

It is then his childhood friend that got him out the rest of the way.

Again though this episode mainly made me happy to see Sherlock in his own awkward way help people. Not just by investigating but by doing what he knows needs to be done. He kind of held Kyogoku’s hand a little and showed him just how and what was happening and let him have his moment in the sun.

Simple investigation, simple solution to our coolest detectives rehabilitation.

I guess it is nice to have him back without having to do anything over the top with him. Just let him solve a case, show how messed up he was by everything but give him space and some Sherlock treatment then get him back out there.

There isn’t really a point in having him worry about everything when we’ve already had everyone else get over it in their own way.

Plus the suffering is still going because no one really remembered or cared for Kyogoku but everyone does care about Moriarty, who was nearly poisoned in a post-credit scene, so instead of just writing him off I felt it was a nice way to have him come back and show that in their way some of the people there cared enough about him to help him.

Not that I am saying people truly didn’t care they just weren’t able to figure out a way to help a guy who had been through just what he had been through.

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