In/Spectre // Kyoko Suiri : What the Guardian Serpent Heard

Episode 2

Nushi no Daija wa kīteita” (ヌシの大蛇は聞いていた)

The strange combination of a forward girl who lost her eye and a leg to be the Goddess of Wisdom to Yokai and the dude she has a crush on who apparently ate the skin of two Yokai makes for one interesting anime concept.

Other then finding out that Kuro ate at least a Mermaid, hence the healing, there wasn’t much more to that. It was the most pointless end to a episode I’ve seen, it didn’t even carry on from that point and other then to ask what the other Yokai was Kotoko didn’t really seem to care.

We didn’t get to see her make her mind up of not caring. That was the point where I was kind of upset honestly.

This episode was super interesting and I really liked it but I do have to mention that I hate when shows do that. Drop a bombshell on a character and we never get to see how they really take it. We’re just meant, I guess, to get over it but I don’t know. I find it rather poor to just leave us hanging like that and play it off like no big deal.

It was a big deal and more of a deal must have been made of it by the girl who wants to date the guy who openly admits to eating the flesh of two, not just one but TWO Yokai.

As you can tell that wasn’t even close to the point of this episode though.

Actually what this episode was about was much more interesting as Kotoko had to go up the Mountains to do her job. Her job being to talk to the Yokai, so instead of being a action based episode like the last she was just trying to help a Yokai who couldn’t understand the actions of a human.

I personally will never be happy with the result of this conversation because already Kotoko has come up with three stories?

She doesn’t know the motivations of the woman who is in prison for killing a man and dumping his body in the swamp she’s just trying to piece together the facts she does know, the “facts” recorded and come up with a explanation that the Serpent is happy with.

You know what? I loved the Serpent.

For the second time this week we saw a spiritual creature that kind of had to do what rumours told them to do and this one in particular was very aware that it was behind on the times and didn’t understand the humans of today. I really loved watching it try to figure out in its head why the woman would do what she did and why she would say the things that she did as well.

Poor Serpent might never be happy with the results of this conversation but I really like that it didn’t just take the first answer it got and instead poked holes in the story all the way through.

Plus it getting really angry at one point was super sweet.

This show is a weird one in so much as I don’t really now what it is. There are lots of great comedy moments, some super interesting stuff and the romance is totally one sided. It mixes together really well though and ends up being so much fun.

Kind of really want to know why the woman did what she did now.

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