ID : Invaded : Extended

Episode 4

You want a turn up for the books?

How about we replace Narihisago with Fukuda? You know the Perferator?

Or maybe not but they are getting there.

Fukuda being a genius and guessing about the ID Wells and the rest was a interesting twist, he also saw just what it is that Narihisago can do as we learn this wasn’t the first time he has talked someone into suicide and in fact he’s earned the title whether from before he was a murderer or not of a Serial Killer.

Would like to see if they actually can get Fukuda to do the same job as Narihisago or if there is still a little part of Narihisago that wants to save people therefore being able to be in the wells and investigate whilst Fukuda is motivated by murder and that alone so can’t?

Will be fun to find out.

This episodes case is another horrible one.

It was one of those dying in a box and being broadcast to a audience deals which I think I loved when CSI did it and this one was done just as well. I thought the twist at the end where he had been filming her and the broadcast wasn’t live was sad but was a little disappointed that the only explanation we seemed to get for his actions were from the victim herself in his Well.

That he had been a failure so wanted to start again.

He was a copycat though meaning there is actually another guy out there doing this to girls under the name of the Gravedigger. He seems pretty well known as well so that might be something we get to come back to, I don’t think the guy at the end is going to be anything to do with that as he is a victim of Fukuda who seems to have hunted down Hondomachi for what purpose we’ll have to wait and see but hopefully it’ll come back round to the Gravedigger.

There are so many layers to this show though.

You want to know more about the technology and what they are doing. There seems to be effects to Narihisago and his state of mind, something that helped Fukuda figure out what is going on, and he is actually dying in these wells sometimes multiple times and being injected back in straight away. Why he is able to survive it and do his job but Fukuda can’t is a mystery and no one seems to understand even a tiny percent of what is happening around them.

Not only that but Narihisago, his past and why he is the way he is are all things we want to know too.

From the little we pick up about him he was a good detective so what turned him bad? Was it the death of his family or was it something else? Did he start killing before or after this technology?

Then there is the revolving door of Serial Killers that I just want to learn more about. Fukuda for a start, we don’t really know much about him either but he’s a genius who for some reason drilled a hole in his head. I really want to know why he would do that. Then there is this guy from this episode and the Gravedigger that I want to know about.

Of course there is now Hondomachi as well and the victims of Fukuda who still seem to be alive, or at least some of them, what do they want with her?

So much is going on and it’ll be so interesting to see if any of these things are ever answered or not.

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