Doctor Who : Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror

Episode 4

We are going back in time for another adventure with the Doctor this time with Nikola Tesla best known for his work with electricity!

Or for being played by David Bowie once.

I really loved this episode but I don’t think I can tell you why.

Personally I feel like Tesla was a great character to have in the show and I really enjoyed Goran Visnjic’s take on the genius, the bonding between him and the Doctor was great and the fact that no matter how down he seemed to get over anything or everything it didn’t take long for him to believe in himself again and to continue to want to work to a better future, at the same time I felt like they never really let you get to know Tesla at all and tried to force you to care via giant speeches from the Doctor.

Maybe it is just because I know Tesla isn’t that well known compared to other historical characters that have been in the show. Not that he isn’t huge but he isn’t someone that comes up all the time here in the UK during school and many people, as this episode showed with the TARDIS Crew, don’t know who he is.

This was a chance to bring him to life and teach a new generation of the wonders of a sometimes over looked genius.

Not only did he feel under explained and kind of like a random person made up to be a genius to help the Doctor defeat the bad guy but they kind of stuck in Edison too and managed to do not much with him either other then berate him? There wasn’t a single nice scene with him and it was like the writer wanted to set a record straight that Tesla was the genius and Edison was the fraud and everyone should know that.

Which is a shame.

That being said I guess it was the action and the threat of the Skithra that made me love it, as well as Visnjic who just lit up the screen every time he was on it.

I love myself a new slightly scary Doctor Who villain and the Queen of the Skithra was slightly… Something that is for sure. I really thought the get up was great and in theory a race that just steals everything seems pretty cool but other then talking a whole bunch and the hologram, face stealing versions of her race being able to take down entire rooms with red lightning the threat of her species was never really felt and even the big battle near the end of the episode was pretty boring.

Which might leave you asking if this is how you felt why did you love it so much?

Maybe because it celebrated being different? Not in that way that some shows do it but by having the Doctor remind us once again that being different isn’t a bad thing and that some of the best people are different.

Or maybe it was just because in contrast to last episode the chemistry of the cast was electric.

Yeah I went there.

It is true though. I keep saying it but Goran Visnjic was amazing as Tesla and he just worked so well with absolutely everyone. Even though there were three other extra people with the TARDIS crew they managed to work them all into the story really well and whilst Edison’s handling was a little harsh I kind of enjoyed seeing Graham give him a piece of his mind, plus Yas feeling bad that Tesla would never reach glory and riches gave me Amy Pond and Vincent feels for a moment.

It just kind of worked.

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