Welcome to Bummertown Review

I didn’t get much in the Winter Sale but one game I did pick up was Welcome to Bummertown. A tongue in cheek adventure game set in the town of Bummertown, it has been living on my wishlist for pretty much forever now and it was finally time not only to buy it but surprisingly play it too.

Honestly did not expect to love this game so much.

As I said above it was very tongue in cheek, the main bad guys were the developers themselves and you were thrown into a glitchy world that you had to fix with sassy error messages blocking your way and NPCs well aware of their lot in life.

I think they got me with the NPCs.

Each and every one of them had a unique personality. Very well aware of their place in the game and with stories that broke the fourth wall I just loved everything about them. From the crazy cat woman to Anastasia who if you go far enough to the right in the bar when you open it can be seen dancing to the delight of some of the customers just for you.

It even went as far as the credits where each one gave their own comment on who they were including multiple entries for George which had me laughing so much.

Welcome to Bummertown is a simple game that knows that it is a simple game.

You get told by the Devs that you are looking for Bedford because that is the quest that you the main character have to do. You then go around asking if anyone has seen him and running small quests for the characters to gain the information, most of the characters aren’t shy to tell you that it is stupid and that you are just walking around asking the same questions but you slowly get to the point that you need to get to.

It took me two hours and probably would have taken less if I had been quicker on some of the puzzles as that is really the only game play you have other then the walking around asking questions.

They tend to be sliding puzzles and the like, easy enough but not really games of skill and more of chance or of just learning how to do them.

That doesn’t really matter though because the story is so fun that you just love with the crazy world and story being told.

Overall I think it is worth spending the money on even just for the laughs it’ll give you.

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