Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun : Yousei-san

Episode 2

Yōsei-san” (ようせいさん)

In a much less organised episode we see Hanako and Nene not only deal with Yousei-san but a special guest in the second half of the episode too.

When I say much less organised I mean that we had two very different halves of the episode. Yousei-san was dealt with in the first part whilst someone comes to exorcise Hanako in the second half.

Both halves were still amazing though.

Two things I truly love about this show if I’m honest with you.

First up is the animation style. I love the bold colours, the cutesy characters and how everything is super bright yet also super dark. It is just so beautiful to watch that sometimes it is strange to look at it and remember that it is a comedy.

Second is the relationship between Nene and Hanako.

On their own I guess they could be pretty boring characters. I think I said in the first review that we got a bit of a glimpse of a darker side to Hanako and that continues in this episode but what stops him being some creepy, yet cutely drawn ghost is that he has this ridiculous relationship with Hanako. On the other hand Hanako could honestly be lost in any other show as that stupid girl that wants a guy to fall in love with her but we see a different side to her when she’s with Hanako.

They just work really well as a duo.

So things like Hanako thinking he’d have to convince Nene to help the Mokka and being surprised that she would just help them work so well. It also stops it from being straight up stupid comedy or kind of confusing drama and settles it nicely into the mid-ground where it can happily stay forever if I’m honest.

Focusing more on this episode and I liked the first half a little more then the second.

It was a interesting concept that the Yokai would change depending on the rumours about them. So the Mokka used to innocently steal bits and bobs but then they became the Yousei who didn’t just steal things you cared about but would kill you if you saw them.

A good lesson on Chinese whispers as well as showing that these bad apparitions can actually be dealt with in a harmless manner just by changing the narrative on them back to something less harmful. I don’t think Nene did the right thing she just added to the rumour and moved it a tiny way by basically telling people to keep candy on them which is what the Mokka seem to enjoy but it was a push in the right direction and in keeping with the show.

There was nothing wrong with the second half I just felt like it might have been too early to actually full on tell us that Hanako is actually a bad apparition that is somehow trying to prove he deserves to rest in peace by being the seventh wonder and keeping people safe from the bad ones.

Then again it’ll be interesting to hear about his past when the time comes to full tell us about it.

Still a pretty great show honestly.

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