Infinite Dendrogram : Tomb Labyrinth

Episode 2

Bohyō Meikyū” (墓標迷宮)

We had a really strong look at the world we have just entered and just what kind of adventure we are set to have so it is time to actually get into some story now right?

We kind of do as well which is nice.

Shu gives us a run down on recent events which come out as being grim for Altar, we learn about the ranked players and even meet one and even had some information on the game set in the real world which warns you when you have to eat or go for a pee which is interesting and not something I ever thought we’d be being told about.

Which also I guess means it’ll come up as a important factor later with Ray.

It was a pretty simple episode that I guess was here to really introduce the bond between Ray and Nemesis and you know what?

I don’t like Nemesis.

It isn’t even that she’s a girl or anything like that but I just don’t like her much. She gets upset when another player kills Ray which you might think is a good thing but personally I would much rather that wasn’t something we had to deal with. She has her own personality which we know but it is a bit all over the place and I kind of could do without it.

That being said the relationship so far between her and Ray is OK.

He is kind to just about everyone so him comforting her and kind of giving in to her whims is nice and fun but she will become too much in time.

I like that he picked Paladin as his class though, that was a interesting route for him to take plus the Player Killer was a interesting concept to add so early though it didn’t really lead to much other then the emotional break down of Nemesis.

That was probably the problem.

It was just all too early for me.

We see a bond kind of forming but nothing major, we do know through what she says that Nemesis is aware that her life stops when Ray isn’t around but her worries aren’t about her. The bond is nowhere near a place where I feel it is natural for her to have got so upset or for her to be so in love with herself that she believes she should be able to defeat a higher tier Embryo.

That being said I still enjoy it.

There is a mystery that we’re slowly being introduced to and I think Shu is actually famous as he sat out the war because his gear could break and his identity might be found out and overall the episode was still fun and Ray is a great main character so whilst my big take away from this episode is I don’t like one character why I’m focused on that is mainly because the rest of the episode was good but nothing to really talk about.

Lots of groundwork, lots of meeting people and some fun little moments that showed everything the series could potentially do but overall my dislike for Nemesis is the biggest thing I take away from it.

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