BlacKkKlansman (2018)

Based on the Memoirs of Ron Stallworth, a retired black police officer who infiltrated the ranks of the Ku Klux Klan in the 70s the BlacKkKlansman is a fantastic look at how he did it as well as the people he worked with and who they met along the way.

This is based on a true story and it is as bonkers as it sounds.

A story about a black man infiltrating the KKK all the way back in the 70s sounds super impossible but it really was a story of how one man did his part to bring down his local Klan organisation against all odds.

On one hand this film is hilarious, the bonds being made between the characters are heart warming and Ron Stallworth, played by John David Washington, is a fantastic character who is stuck between two worlds. That of the movement fighting for black people and the police who do nothing to keep black people safe.

Then you have the much more serious and sad side to it.

Serious because it shows just how any normal looking person could be a danger, could do horrific things or even just think them and sad because by the end of the movie they use clips from 2017 of this type of behaviour not only still being around wide spread but being explained away by the President of the United States himself.

This film is so powerful not just because it shows a real thing that happened but because it reminds you that whilst you might never believe these things still happen they do.

Nearly daily.

It also showed the stupidity of any of the racist, idiotic things that the people he was investigating believed in as he was able to fool not only a entire group of them but David Duke himself.

So many people were amazing in this, as I said above Washington was fantastic as Stallworth and getting to see how his life was colliding was super interesting. Plus the way he was just so cool in the face of basically a world of racists was great and yet he came over as being the sweetest of guys anyway.

It was actually kind of scary watching Adam Drivers character, a Jew at that, actually come face to face with the Klan and have to infiltrate them fully. How easy he came off as being one of them even though we knew he wasn’t was the terrifying reminder that people can hide their true intentions and come over as being the nicest person whilst inside they are full of hate.

Not only that but there were times when sure the activities were race related but it was just a group of guys going out doing things together.

Whilst their hatred impacted their lives and sent them to do horrific things the group was in the end to them a group of like minded friends as well who just did things. It just so happened their “Special Events” were horrifying instead of something innocent.

If anything this movie is worth watching not just for the fantastic acting, interesting story and harrowing reminder of how bad humanity can be but for that ending where they hit home that even today these things are happening and being allowed to happen.

It is a warning that things might change a little but they don’t change enough and while we can sit here and watch this movie and think it is all in the past because it doesn’t effect us personally it is still a every day horror show for others that need to be heard and seen.

Then again away from that it is just a really freakin’ good movie.

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