Plunderer : I Hate You!

Episode 2

Daikkirai!” (だいっきらい!)

This is a world were peoples lives depend on the number they have had printed on them I guess since birth.

To be honest we know little about the numbers but the numbers are the interesting part because they make no sense and are totally bonkers.

That might be a bit of a lie.

By the end of the first episode we knew that Licht was the Legendary Ace and we see why he has that name in this episode.

Faster then anyone can see with a step that devastates the area he was more then a match for the military group that had basically kidnapped Hina. It did nothing to explain why compared to anyone else he had what seems like super powers, still nothing has really been said about the numbers either which is kind of annoying as it is a pretty important part of people’s lives that has kind of been shrugged off as “this is something that makes no sense but it is something and that is all you need to know” no. I need to know more.

Away from that though I really enjoyed the episode.

It did enough to explain who Licht as a person is a little more. I guess what the episode was here to do was to kind of cement him and Hina in our minds whilst pushing the real threat in the series forward a little. They don’t end up together in the episode but you have to believe their paths will end up crossing again.

So far other then the number thing which is a bit pointless and the fact it has to always look like Hina is about to be sexually attacked when anyone wants to look at her number forcefully everything else is pretty simple to follow.

Licht is some sort of hero who I guess we’ll learn about in the future. Hina is lovely but has no idea how living in a big city or the people who inhabit these places work. Nana is lovely but I don’t know how big her role will be, I kind of hope it is a huge one because she’s perfect to help Hina but I don’t know.

I can’t really tell what the show wants to be either yet.

It has done a good job of establishing the characters but the world building has been poor, it looks like it might be doing the same kind of history building as Fire Force with snippets at the beginning of the episode, story telling has been simplistic yet changed direction pretty hard in this episode and what any character is out to achieve is a mystery right now.

Yet it is charming, easy to watch and it actually had a strong ending with Hina screaming out her feelings to Licht, knowing what his number means and seeing it go down one more and then the big twist with the military at the end.

This isn’t great but it isn’t bad either.

Pretty standard and boring.

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