BOFURI : I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense : Defense and Friends

Episode 2

Bōgyo Toku-ka to Otomodachi.” (防御特化とお友達。)

We are back with the ultimate feel good gamer anime of the season as Maple finally gets to play with her friend Sally.

Well Risa.

Exams are finally over and after Maple was able to come third on her own in a Battle Royal event it is time for her to help Risa start leveling up as well and it was just such a wholesome episode.

We have the newbie who is kind of making herself super OP with her over the top defense build as well as her unique way of doing things, mainly eating her foes, now teaming up with a pro gamer who spreads her points around but realises that a good build for their team would be double defense. Just instead of throwing everything into defense she throws most of it into agility so whilst Maple is super untouchable because she is super defended, Sally is super untouchable because she’s super fast.

Why I really liked this episode was that Maple didn’t have to come to the aid of Sally or Sally didn’t go over the top with what she was saying or doing.

The line you do you and I’ll do me was perfect and with such a friendly and sweet nature the two girls just went about teaming up in a game and doing their best which is lovely. Neither had to be stronger or better in any way and we got to see basically the same thing as we saw in the episode before, Sally working hard to get skills and then taking on a boss to get some cool gear and level up a bit.

I don’t think from what we saw her stuff is as OP as Maple’s but I guess it is her experience that is keeping her on par with Maple even though she’s behind on experience in this game itself.

One thing that I thought was really clever was having people watching the Battle Royal and commenting on it like people really do in real life. Talk of whether Maple’s shield which devours everything should be allowed and whether she is too OP were rampant and even when she came in third and gave her rather embarrassed and weird speech the group just looked perplexed at how she was the third place person.

It is nice just to have a cute look at gamers.

That might sound really strange but I’ve seen the VODs of the kind of gamers Anna watches on Twitch and I’ve seen her play games myself and so often gamers are portrayed more like they are in Infinite Dendrogram. Just seeing people playing games because they love playing games and in some ways being oblivious at how good they can be and just enjoying life is nice. There doesn’t have to be big dramatic events taking place, people’s lives (or that of NPCs) don’t have to be on the line.

Sometimes people play games to chill in cute worlds and have a fun time.

Sometimes gamers, male and female, are semi ditzy that kind of luck themselves through the game.

Sometimes we need shows like this that make gamers look less like a nerdy guy only club and remembers that whilst some of those nerdy guys like to deny that there are any other type of gamer there really are other types of gamers.

Plus the boundless positivity of the two characters is nice.

2 thoughts on “BOFURI : I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense : Defense and Friends”

  1. This season is already of to a flyer. Two episodes in and it’s just so good. I was a little worried that it would all be too nice, but the Battle Royale and then Sally fighting the boss put that worry to bed. This was a lot of fun.

    1. Yeah same. I don’t really do “cute” things, never been a fan, but this manages to balance that side of the show with a really neat action side of it that kind of feels like watching actual gamers doing things that so far I’m super happy with how the series is shaping up. Actually think it will be one of the stronger shows I’m watching this season.

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