Pet : Views of The Peak

Episode 2

“Yama” no Keshiki” (「ヤマ」の景色)

Back to the confusing word of Pet though this episode actually gives us a great look at just what is going on and stops a whole bunch of confusion that the action packed first episode left us with.

That isn’t to say it told us how the guys dip into people’s minds but we get to see it perfectly in practice as they go back and show us how they turned Kenji into the Kenji we saw at the end of the first episode.

It was pretty interesting too.

I get that whilst in this state, a little bit like Inception to be honest if you want a comparison, they are visiting other people’s peaks and valleys. Peaks being the happiest memory they have the valleys the worst.

To crush someone is to collapse either, destroying their happiest or saddest memory and therefore throwing off the balance of what makes them them.

Why Satoru was in the state he was in when we first met him was that he lived inside his valley which was the projected emotions and fears of his mum, why he is now totally different is because Hayashi gave him a peak.

More importantly he gave him what they are calling a Image.

Now the Image is the way in which they travel throughout people’s memories/minds. For Hiroki he turns into a Goldfish, Tsukasa turns into water and Satoru has a door that he opens and just walks through. When they join together they can travel together through the mind finding their highs and lows and change them.

What we saw happen in the last episode seems more like hypnotism then what happened in this. They were able to create images flashing in front of Kenji that had nothing to do with what he was actually doing. From the note to them being gay together and so on, they do the same to Katsuragi in this episode as well. That doesn’t really make any sense to me yet but it is one way that they operate.

This episode didn’t just explain this, and I’m sorry if I did a bad job of explaining it back to you, it showed off a generational difference.

Katsuragi is a crusher full stop. He wants to go in and crush people’s memories/minds and basically kill them.

He kind of did it by accident with Kenji’s friend getting himself stuck in his valley and needing to be saved but he seems to enjoy it. It is his first option. The others would prefer not to do it and it was kind of a fight against the clock for Hiroki and Tsukasa to change Kenji’s memories in this episode so that he thought his friend could be this evil person that Katsuragi had made him out to be.

It was a interesting battle between the two sides that kind of explained so much as well.

Whilst the imagery stays very crude at times there was no blood or gore in this one and it was more about showing off the worst things people can imagine which don’t have to be full of gore.

Being inside Kenji’s head felt like a trip in itself but it was a really important episode to have so that in some ways we could understand not only the power that these guys have but the responsibility and the true intent of each character.

With Hiroki asking if they can set up their own group away from Katsuragi I’m not sure where the show is going but it just became so much more interesting then it was and it was already super interesting to begin with.

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