Babylon : Decision

Episode 10

Ketsui” (決意)

We are still on the trip of some people’s lifetimes with Babylon.

I’m far past understanding what is going on but we’re here and we will be till the bitter end.

Have I said that I really love the President?

This episode was much more on his pace and shows that get rid of the supernatural element of Magase and there is so much interesting discussion to have.

Whilst there is obviously a bigger problem at hand most of this show has been a discussion on suicide and whether it is good and bad and sending it to America has given us the chance to breath and actually look at the problems.

Nothing really happened in this episode other then the President getting to where he needs to be so that there is a intelligent conversation between two sides of this argument but it was the much needed breather between all the other elements this show has that have somehow been mixed together to make it pretty bland and extremely all over the place in quality.

Don’t get me wrong I like the fact there is a obvious threat but there is also a bit of me that is upset that these people have to be brainwashed by a force that isn’t human to believe that suicide is a good thing.

Now don’t take those words wrong.

Everyone’s thoughts on suicide are emotional ones and I honestly stand on the argument that says that it isn’t as easy as being right or wrong. What I meant about the above statement is that the show loses any form of interest when we’re basically seeing people acting like humans but they are actually now brain dead zombies being controlled by one woman.

I would like to see someone be able to talk someone into agreeing with the suicide law with genuine charisma.

You don’t even have to see or hear it yourself you just have to know that they aren’t being brainwashed in the most pathetically thought out way to brainwash people ever.

That being said I feel the last two episodes might make up for most of the mixed up and pretty ridiculous story telling this series has had so far.

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