Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! : The Eizouken Takes the Stage

Episode 2

Eizōken, bakutansu!” (映像研、爆誕す!)

For something I watched in a depressive state when I had my heart set on watching something else that I was finding no joy in because I had missed out once more this ended up being pretty much the number one show I looked forward to since the first episode.

It was also the only show I watched the first episode more then once.

I also have the song Easy Breezy by Chelmico stuck in my head and am annoyed it isn’t on Spotify.

This episode continues in its brilliant way bringing the lives of the eccentric cast crashing, quite literally at times, out of the TV and into your hearts.

Honestly though? It is that perfect balance of characters with so much love poured into not only creating a beautiful story but to show how much work goes into, essentially, making this show and any other anime.

So far it doesn’t come over as a skit show.

Sure now that the club has been created it isn’t like they have a goal in mind and the actual stories they are making up are just crazy thoughts of creative kids but it feels like a proper story. Like these characters aren’t just there for a weekly dose of “this is what we’re doing” but are actually living fulfilling lives.

Meeting more characters, seeing each one grow in different ways and just watching them as they continue on their journey to create anime is magical in its way yet once more this show isn’t in any way super beautifully animated or anything like it. That weird style they have just makes it even more amazing and eye catching and I love it even more for it.

I like all three characters but there is something about Kanamori I have to admit makes me love her the most. Yeah OK it is because she’s violent and has a eye on the money but she’s also a lot nicer then she comes over and she actually in some ways wants the other two to succeed and whilst they are too in love with the idea of creating their own thing she’s the one that not only is going to pull the creation process in the correct direction but will also ground them and make them think of things they truly need instead of having their heads in the clouds.

It is also nice that even though they got a ridiculously expensive sofa from Mizusaki that she’s not going to be the money pig of the series and that they will have to work their way up to getting a budget themselves.

Kind of wish that they would open up a little and do some live action stuff as well, I don’t know why but it would be interesting if they kind of did something special and tried to enter a competition or something. I dunno I just want a little focus on what they are creating.

Again it was the hand drawn animation I loved the most about the show though. Going from their own world into the world of their own drawings is just such a magical thing and one of my favourite parts of the series.

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