In/Spectre // Kyoko Suiri : One Eye, One Leg

Episode 1

(一眼一足, Ichigan Ichishi)

If you thought we had finished with what we’re watching this season then you would be wrong.

Here I am with a strange little supernatural show about a girl who was called by the spirits to be their Goddess of Wisdom and a guy who, as of this episode, is a bit of a mystery.

It was the supernatural part that got me, I kind of wanted to see what the show was going to be about but wasn’t too interested in the premise much more then it sounded kind of sweet.

It isn’t sweet and I love it.

OK so maybe it is a little sweet but the main character Kotoko Iwanaga is a straight talker. She doesn’t hide behind pretty words and is super outspoken, maybe in a way it is because she can see all sorts of spirits in her life having been taken by them when she was younger and trading her eye and leg so that she could be their Goddess, regardless it made her quite the character to behold.

Not only that but the mystery of just who Kuro Sakuragawa is will hold me for at least another episode. A seemingly normal, handsome university student who all the spirits are terrified of.

Kotoko has a crush though and bluntly asks him if he would consider dating her.

Thing is this has so much room for so much really. It isn’t just a story about a girl that has a crush on a boy and she thinks about it in such a matter of fact way that you can barely call it a crush. I mean she decided it was love at first sight because he reminded her of a goat.

I do not lie that is how it all went down.

Honestly though what got me was when Kotoko called him out for the real reason his relationship broke down, it was all about this story with a Kappa and he makes it sound like he ran away and left his ex who was scared when it was actually the Kappa that run away from him. From then on it was obvious that there was something going on and of course the cliffhanger at the end of the episode is that he ate two Yokai’s flesh for some reason and is now able to regenerate and looks at that world differently.

I want to know who he is because other then some flashes here and there he comes over as such a normal character and now I’m so interested in who he is and what it is he’s done that I’m hooked.

At least for now.

As I said there are so many possibilities with this show though so I have a feeling I’m gonna love it.

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