ID : Invaded : Sniped

Episode 3

I really liked the first two episodes but also was pretty worried that it would be something that couldn’t hold up for a longer period and with only one episode to tell a story in.

So was I right or was I wrong?

I was wrong to worry.

If this episode is anything to go by there will be a decent balance of learning about the actual characters and then dumping Narihisago into the world of Sakaido trying to locate killers through their wells.

For some reason I left episodes 1 and 2 thinking that I didn’t really get anything but this episode made me realise that I got what I needed to get.

Narihisago is a bit of a mystery but I think from this episode I can kind of tell his story, his daughter was brutally murdered and he wasn’t a very doting father so he feels guilt for not being there for his family when they died. I’m guessing he’s in prison for finding The Challenger, the guy who killed his daughter, and killing him in revenge.

Maybe I’ll be wrong but that kind of felt like how it is going to go.

We saw how he came to terms with it in his mind, making himself in some ways believe he was a better father and that his daughter wasn’t totally destroyed when she died but Matsuoka kind of fills in the blanks saying that anger and pleasure kind of mixed in some way inside him.

It was nice to see that growing mystery or maybe it isn’t and I just got so lost in the first two episodes that I missed things like that when I thought I was missing all the important science-y stuff. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I really like that the serial killers are being put in the same block as him too.

We see the Perferator just chilling in his cell but there was enough focus on him that it is obvious his story is not finished, as for the killer this time it isn’t long before Narihisago is able to talk him into suicide whether on purpose or not.

The Bomber wasn’t as complex as the Perfertator but that was more down to the fact they had more time for him, I thought it was a interesting twist to have him do the bombings not only because he liked seeing the carnage after being exposed to it during the war but because he wanted to prove that human life meant nothing.

It is a very real world thing that we all talk about how when something bad happens people whip out their phones to Snap it or film it for Twitter and this is what the Bomber did. He took photos not of the carnage that he had created but what he saw as the lack of empathy humanity has for each other when they are busy filming a tragedy.

Everyone knows by now that I’m a huge Discworld fan and one of the things Sir Terry Pratchett had in those stories was that itself. Talking about how no matter what it wouldn’t take long before a crowd would form to look on (and for someone to be around to sell them something whilst they look at whatever it is that happens) and even in things like Chernobyl based on a reality it showed that people get hurt because natural curiosity will take them to the site of something horrific to gwap.

Does that mean we have no empathy?

I feel like that is something I should spend more time outside of a anime review talking about to be honest but it was really thought provoking and his conversation with Narihisago afterwards was interesting too.

I might have totally underestimated this show…

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