Dorohedoro : Caiman

Episode 1

So I get to the final show I’m reviewing this series and I have picked yet another gruesome show to watch.

Right off the bat.

When I say right off the bat it starts with a mans head inside Caiman, one of the main characters, mouth talking to the human that seemingly lives inside of Caiman.

That was actually the most tame part of the episode.

It was not just a bloody show but it had every kind of grizzly thing you could imagine from the design of characters to the things characters were doing which included turning people partially into bugs and of course Caiman himself, sticking people’s heads into his mouth.

At first I wasn’t very sure because the art style didn’t really sit well with me, I don’t know what it is but the animation on Nikaido just bugged me but the more I watched the more I liked it and it started for some reason reminding me of Judge Dredd (don’t ask why I don’t know) and because of that I guess I started to love it by the end.

The things you are looking at just don’t want to compute half the time.

Most of the things in this episode had a teeth motif and whilst that in itself is bad enough it for some reason is worse when those teeth are human I guess? The box/computer thing that En gave to Fujita made my skin crawl for no reason which again was another thing that weirdly made me love it.

Character designs are bizarre but work so well. Nothing looks uniformed or clean, everything looks messy and chaotic.

Yet it just works.

Not only that but it mixed such hugely disgusting, violent and downright nasty action scenes with some actually really funny stuff so well that I found myself laughing whilst people were being murdered because a joke two seconds before that all happened or a second after it happened just managed to be super good. Caiman is a ridiculous character, he acts like a kid in some respects or a dumb ass and it really works well to keep it more then just a gore fest.

It needs it too because this world seems fascinating but that could be lost in the over the top gore.

It isn’t just the world itself but the story they are telling is interesting with the Sorcerers and what they are up to as well as just about everything else. You can get caught up in what is happening visually but in the end when you get over that and actually pay attention to the story it sucks you in.

Then again it is freakin’ gross but in the best possible way.

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