The Case Files of Jeweler Richard : Seigi of the Pink Sapphire

Episode 1

(ピンク・サファイアの正義, Pinku Safaia no Seigi)

I guess something a little different from me. I was intrigued by the thought of a mystery show about jewelry so even though this show isn’t really something I would usually opt into watching I thought it would be fun to try something I wouldn’t usually watch for a change.

It was a nice change of pace.

Compared to the very in your face type of story telling I am usually into it was nice to have a story and the point of the series hammered home in such a gentle way. Introducing us to Richard and his line of work while at the same time letting the story of the episode play out.

Both Richard and Seigi are nice characters, Richard doesn’t really have much going for him at the moment but Seigi was actually pretty interesting. His relationship with his grandmother and mother is something I would like to see more of as it just feels incomplete. I liked that the introduction to them both was about his grandmothers ring, telling us how she used to be a pick pocket at a time in the world where a single mother couldn’t provide for her and her child and how his mother resented her for everything, I don’t feel the conclusion was as well thought out as it could have been and was just one big coincidence which spoiled it a bit but I will give it a pass this one time for the sake of making a easy story to tell.

I think what I truly got from this episode was that jewelry has a lot to tell us if only we know how to valuate it properly and this anime seems to be about Richard not only looking and telling us about this jewelry but maybe being able to find lost and stolen jewelry as well.

It is one of those things were I guess I really need to just keep watching and find out but if this episode is anything to go by I think I’ll really enjoy it.

What I didn’t like was Seigi was one tone away from having no skin whatsoever. You could kind of see the grid underneath his skin tone, it might just be the TV I watched on but it only happened on his character to and it was really distracting.

Other then that the entire thing was beautifully animated and I really enjoyed learning a little about the jewels themselves.

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