Smile Down the Runway : This Is Your Story

Episode 1

Kore wa kimi no Monogatari” (これは君の物語)

Much like Luc and The Case Files of Jeweler Richard this isn’t really something that I would usually go for. Sure it is a cute little show with adorable characters but the only fashion based show I have ever watched and cared for is Ugly Betty.

So I don’t know what I was getting myself into.

I’m not a big fan of the fashion world anyway, I find fashion shows to be ridiculous seeing that half the things being created are hardly things people on the street will be wearing.

Case in point half the odd looking outfits in this episode to begin with.

That being said of course this show is much more then just a show about fashion models. It is a show about the dreams of two high school students who are about to go out into the world and have a specific dream that they want to achieve.

Those would be Chiyuki Fujito, daughter of a model agency who isn’t tall enough to be a Paris Fashion weekend catwalk model but is determined to be one anyway, and Ikuto Tsumura, a young lad who wants to be a fashion designer but whose mum is in hospital so instead thinks he needs to go get a job to help support his three younger sisters after he leaves school.

I’ll start off with what I didn’t like about the episode I guess, mainly because it was one thing.

The ending.

In a way Ikuto Tsumura’s dream is complete yet the emphasis at the end was that this was his story. I get that the story will probably be the two of them working together to both be at Paris Fashion Week but his dream was to be a fashion designer and through sheer luck he has that dream right now.

There was no real heart break leading to it or anything else.

That is because, and this is a positive, Chiyuki is so determined to fulfill her dream that she ends up literally doing anything to get there. Which includes realising how good a designer he is and asking him to design something for her which she then wears to a fashion shoot and wrongly says that it was made by her fathers company.

Not in a mean way either.

Chiyuki is such a fun character and whilst they don’t step back from her being too forward, a little on the rude side and having her head firmly in the clouds she never comes over as too much. She’s just a bit of a air head. When she finally stops dreaming she kind of loses herself a little bit which I also liked because it gave a different side to her, this was her dream for so many reasons and it was taken from her because of 20cm.

Both characters are lovely and Ikuto has the added bonus of three really amazing sisters and a mum who is fully supportive as well. The only reason I didn’t like the ending was because it felt like such a feel good moment that could have been built towards as well as Chiyuki’s father dropping his standards for one of them and probably still not the other which makes little sense.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see though.

Overall it was just a fun little show about people dreaming big. What more could you want from it?

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