Kabukicho Sherlock : First Moonlit Night

Episode 13

Hajimari no Tsukiyo” (はじまりの月夜)

After taking a slight break Sherlock is back with more craziness and more sadness. Of course why not have both?

We had the big fun episode to take everyone’s mind off of Moriarty being in prison so it is about time that we moved on right?

Well kind of.

This episode actually focused on how Sherlock and Moriarty found each other, it was kind of the origins of Sherlock in this universe being a detective. How it was done was kind of clever in that it was Mycroft telling Sherlock’s side of the story and then Moriarty telling his side of the story with the real world still happening around them.

I’m not sure what we’re getting at with the missing heart thing but I think it comes down to more people not knowing where they belong in the world more then a missing heart as such. Sherlock found his life boring and wanted to find meaning in it and he has with the Rakugo but he isn’t able to put his personality into it so to others it is boring and heartless. On the other hand Moriarty doesn’t really know where he belongs and doesn’t really enjoy being part of his family so now having lost his mother and sister he is as lost as ever.

What I really liked was when Moriarty was asked if Sherlock filled that hole and he said no they were more like kindred spirits.

OK Moriarty didn’t say that exactly but that was basically what it came down to.

I liked it because that was kind of what Sherlock and Moriarty were. We don’t really need to see Moriarty turn evil now because I think I get where they’ve gone with his relationship, I do still think with the imagery in the opening credits and this story of Moriarty being abused in prison he’ll come out and be a villain in some ways but the relationship has actually ended up being very similar in a way whilst being so very different and I like that.

Around those two stories we got the same craziness as ever with Mycroft spying on his brother and a new case that Sherlock doesn’t even need to investigate. I loved the ending where Kobayashi was basically telling the guy he did so much hard work as Sherlock finished his Raguko just for the guy to point out he did nothing, it was the normal crazy stuff that I love in the series.

Plus it was a nice way of showing off how kind Mrs Hudson is.

I know I go on about the character way too much for a side character but that is because she genuinely is a lovely character. It is that funny two sides of the personality thing at times like how when she found out Moriarty was being abused she went ape shit at the guards in the prison compared to the usually really sweet natured version we usually see.

It was also nice to know she found Sherlock in his underpants lying in garbage and took him in and gave him a job and after Moriarty showed off how smart Sherlock is and how good he is as a detective she then made him one.

She might just be a back ground character but like all Mrs Hudson’s in the many different Sherlock dimensions she’s much more important then that too.

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