A Destructive God Sits Next To Me : Darlin’ from hell

Episode 1

I need to watch at least one absolutely bonkers show a season and this, this might be one of the most bonkers yet.

Chaos is the only way to describe this show.

I really enjoyed it but it was just absolutely crazy from beginning to end. Not least because two of the main characters are just super crazy and the other one is being driven crazy by them.

It was a tiny bit predictable but it wasn’t bad.

The three main characters were just chaotic in every way from Seri who was trying to ignore the other two but was also obsessed with them, Hanatori who thinks he’s a time traveler who also has a demon stuck inside of him to Tsukimiya who eggs on Hanatori and can “read Seri’s mind” to annoy him even more.

Honestly it works pretty well.

Whilst the show is chaotic and things go crazy from the beginning it was just funny. You found yourself looking at it all on the outside and shaking your head in disbelief whilst tears roll down your face because it is so funny.

It also leads to so many more chaotic things happening with Hanatori able to make up stories at the drop of a hat.

As I said though this episode was pretty predictable.

With all the talk of Seri’s grades failing, them distracting him and them all being put into groups to better their grades it was obvious that Seri was going to be the lowest graded of the three. It is that typical thing where the other two seem distracted and act stupid but actually somehow manage to be super smart at the same time.

I guess what I think is going to happen is that Seri is going to come to terms with these guys being his friends and hopefully getting better by being around them.

What I truly expect is a whole bunch of shouting.

2 thoughts on “A Destructive God Sits Next To Me : Darlin’ from hell”

  1. I kind of gave up on this one about half way. It wasn’t really engaging me and I was planning on a light watch list this season so decided this one wasn’t making the cut.

    1. I think that is fair. We have gone the opposite and want to see if we can do more this season but if I had to cut down on anything this probably would be the first to go. I liked the chaotic nature but it isn’t a stand out in any shape or form, I enjoyed it because I like stupid stuff that makes no sense but at the same time it isn’t doing anything special either.

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