Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun : Hanako-san of the Bathroom

Episode 1

Toire no Hanako-san” (トイレの花子さん)

We have a bathroom bound ghost, a girl that just wants to be loved and seven mysteries. It sounds a little crazy and it kind of is.

It was a interesting show with some really fun characters.

This episode was more like a prologue then anything else, we learn that Hanako is meant to be a girl that died in a toilet and now grants wishes to those who knock three times and say her name twice in front of the toilet door. Nene Yashiro, a girl who believes in this and wants to spite a boy by forcing another boy to like her, goes to Hanako just to be met by a spooky boy ghost.

What then went down was bonkers but really fun as well.

I like how they didn’t just make this funny. It was funny, it was very funny, but there was a dark side to Hanako that peeked out a little beyond the funny stuff and that was what got me interested.

He went about solving Yashiro’s problems by basically making her do ridiculous things that work in romcoms and stuff but everything they did failed which is where the comedy came from. I really liked watching all the silly things he came up with and even how some of the less silly things he came up with somehow ended up being ruined by Yashiro and becoming creepy. It was also nice to have some realism in that this girl was going around talking to herself and other people noticed instead of ignoring it.

She ended up getting cursed and turned into a fish which was funny and that was when some of the darker parts of Hanako’s personality came out.

First up the mermaid was amazing and I loved the tiny battle that they had. Secondly him basically telling Yashiro she was a idiot and only actually helping her because he could see a use for her was interesting and makes you wonder whether he is as nice as he comes over or if he has a mean streak, especially towards those who don’t listen to him.

The pairing is pretty fun and I can see this being a really funny show. First episode was all over the place in the best possible way and I really enjoyed it.

Kind of do hope there is some background to Hanako, I know we kind of got a taste of it in this one but I would like to know why people think Hanako is a girl and it is actually a boy and so on. I can wait to find that out though.

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