Koisuru Asteroid // Asteroid in Love : The Riverside Milky Way

Episode 2

Kawara no Amanogawa” (河原の天の川)

I might be a tom boy and I might not be very girly but I LIKE CUTE THINGS OK?!

Asteroid in Love is shaping up to be the cutest thing in the world so it is automatically becoming my favourite thing in the world right now.

What I really love about it is that it brings all the things I love about this genre and just makes it so much better.

I’ve already compared it to Kiniro Mosaic and where as it has that same friendship feel to it what makes it for me at this point better then Kiniro Mosaic, which is one of my all time favourite anime, is that it has a story woven into it as well. It is a lot less skitish and even though each episode can be a standalone there are many parts to the story that go from one episode to the next.

One of the biggest and the one I’m enjoying the most two episodes in is the joining of two very different yet extremely similar clubs.

Having the Astrology and Geology clubs joined together was a interesting way to introduce the entire thing. Instead of just having a Earth Science club they created a divide but not some sort of horrible divide but one where there are two distinct sides with their own interests who have to grow to love the others interests for their own… Well… Interests.

That isn’t too hard either.

You might think it would get tedious as the activities would be so split but they did it in a interesting way twice in this episode. First up by having the group have a BBQ by the riverside so that they could both look at the stones around the river as well as be there late enough into the night so they could star gaze. Secondly by having them do just a bog standard activity as a group that included both being able to see the night sky and being around rocks.

OK yeah sure they both sound like the same thing but what I meant was the second was a celebration that just so happened to have those things Incorporated.

What I mean by all this is that instead of having two sides at war over what is more important they ended up doing something that benefited both sides which also let both sides show off their passion for their part of the club. Mikage for example explains the different kind of rocks to Mira and I found it really interesting that we got to hear about banded rocks which I knew nothing about, later on Ao focuses the telescope for Mira so that she can see Mars and after that she see’s Jupiter and learns that whilst she thought both planets would look the same she was wrong.

This all is helped by the friendship part.

As much as this show is about Ao and Mira, their friendship and their promise to find a Asteroid to name after Ao, the entire group is just as important.

Mira is such a good person and all the members of the group are just passionate nerds that they get on without even trying even though at times they clash. It really brings all the sweet cuteness of Kiniro Mosaic crashing around us in the loveliest of ways.

Plus I loved the newsletter and I hope we see them work on other issues of it.

Oh and Mira’s sister was adorable.

Don’t forget Endo!

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