Infinite Dendrogram : The Beginning of Possibility

Episode 1

Kanōsei no Hajimari” (可能性の始まり)

Another VR Game series that doesn’t have any dodgy side story where the main characters are stuck in the world yet completely different from Since I Don’t Like Pain.

Another fun world to dive straight into.

This one is starting out slightly more serious then Since I Don’t Like Pain, I say slightly because one of the main characters is indeed dressed as a bear.

Another really fun looking show that managed to get me interested with only the one episode. Much like most of what I’ve been watching this season nothing spectacular happened in the episode to make you need to come back but it effortlessly made you want to just by being charming in its own way.

We got to go through the character creation process with our main character Ray Starling as well as getting a decent introduction to the stakes at hand in the game.

Whilst it is a world of endless possibilities if you fail to save one of the worlds NPCS, called Tains, then they will die and stay dead. For Ray it seems he takes it as seriously as if he was in the real world facing the possibility of a real person dying and that in itself seems to have given him the Embryo power of the Maiden which I’m guessing is a rare one by the reaction of Liliana when she saw her.

There is still a hell of a lot of world building to do, not that I think it’ll be that important, and I would love to know why Ray’s brother Shu is dressed as a bear but it gave you enough to know that you’ll probably very much enjoy the series and want to come back to it.

Probably what I liked most is that it came over as a game I would like to play I guess?

Whilst Since I Don’t Like Pain is cute and funny therefore the world is cute and funny this one actually felt like a proper RPG game. Ray bumped into a NPC, got a quest and that quest was difficult with some cool looking monsters. The main focus of this episode was to introduce the main characters as well as the idea of the Embryo and letting us see how Ray activated his but it very much felt set out like a RPG would be set out and not just a anime that so happens not to be in another world.

Still most interested in Shu though.

Why a bear?

Why a bear with a machine gun?

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