Somali and the Forest Spirit : Journeying Parent and Child

Episode 1

Tabisuru Oyako” (旅する親子)

We have the most adorable slice of life about a human child journeying with a Golem in the world of Monsters.

Yes I meant it when I said adorable.

I really loved this show it was just so sweet.

For a start I really liked how it was set in the world on Monsters and whilst they were monstrous in their way, in that they eat humans and the rest of it, there was a explanation in so much as humans were being their normal human selves and brought it on themselves.

When you see the Monsters on their own without a threat, which to be fair we haven’t seen that yet, they are just normal.

Our main characters are super cute and it really at the moment is just the story of a guy that has just become a dad having to learn how to raise a kid that gets distracted and runs off all the time. Just the dad is a Golem with no emotions and the kid is human so always in danger.

Somali might get annoying as basically the most typical kind of kid you can find but I don’t think it’ll be on purpose and more because I’m not a kid person.

She runs off happily to follow animals and nearly gets herself caught out but it was funny seeing the Golem take up hand holding as a precaution to her running away.

Artistically it was so beautiful, it was like looking into a fairy tale water painting with added anime characters on top. Everything was this beautiful fairy forest colour scheme and the soundtrack was breathtakingly magical. It made you feel like you were watching a dream of some sort.

Story wise as I said it is kind of a father/daughter thing where the dad has to learn how to be a dad but there is actually the story of how he is trying to find other humans obviously so that she was be raised by her own kind. It is now pretty obvious she was a run away slave and the possibility of them finding humans anywhere nearby that aren’t slaves seems impossible.

Whilst it feels like a feel good show there is danger in the fact that Monsters eat Humans and Humans are seen as lowly scum.

With a kid that just wants to be a kid it is hard to keep her safe.

So even though it seems cute and sweet there is a lot of potential for a bunch of drama that you might never have thought it would be possible for the show to have and I kind of really look forward to seeing what happens when there is actual danger present.

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