Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! : The Greatest World

Episode 1

Saikyō no Sekai!” (最強の世界!)

This is a show I had no intention of watching but, and you’ll never believe this, in my attempts to stop myself from watching a stream VOD that I have been trying to get up to date with but am suffering with FOMO with I decided to DO MY ACTUAL BLOG JOB and watch something random.

You know what?

It might actually be one of the best distractions from doing something I’ve ever forced myself to watch.

It was the name that drew me to it, obviously as I watch so much anime I just enjoy anime so the thought of a motion picture club was super interesting for me and what a trip I went on.

I love the animation style first up.

It really reminded me of the Gorillaz the way the characters looked and even just held themselves. I was watching with someone else who said it was ugly but I couldn’t help but find so much beauty in the different ways each character was animated, the attention to detail of each of them and then the crazy hand drawn animation style used for the characters and their own drawings.

All three of the main characters are so over the top but I really liked it. They don’t seem like a bunch that would be friends but their chemistry is amazing.

On top of all that the show turned into watching them not just drawing stories together but letting their imagination run wild and creating a entire universe and story out of simple pictures that both Midori and Mizusaki had drawn.

That might be the aspect I love the most about it.

Sure it looks whacky and the characters are crazy but it was the obvious love of creating something that shone through whether it was in these scenes seeing the characters create their own universe or earlier when Midori was analyzing just what it was she loved about anime in the first place.

It was like a beautiful love letter to the creation process of any show by anyone.

I’m personally not sure where this show is going, whether it will be a weekly random skit with some imagination thrown in or whether it’ll end up following a more strict story telling method but I’m really interested in seeing which path it takes. More then anything I want to see the random little stories coming to life through these drawings and also just want to spend more time with the ridiculous characters.

Specially Kanamori.

Kanamori doesn’t even like anime or draw but she’s a bad ass and I really love how she’s so unforgiving in what she says and is out to make money or treats or whatever.

Whilst Midori’s face was the one that reminded me of the Gorillaz the most it was the way Kanamori moved that really hit home that was what I was thinking of. I want to see what part she ends up playing more then anything else.

Not bad for something I watched to stop me watching something else for 5 hours. (Not that the show was 5 hours but what I’m putting off is 5 hours long….)

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