BOFURI : I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense : Defense and First Battle

Episode 1

Bougyo toku-ka to Hatsu sentou.” (防御特化と初戦闘。)

We had a Anna in RPG land with Cautious Hero now we’ll have me in RPG land with someone who just goes all out defense mode because why run into battle and get yourself hurt?

This is about as cutesy as I’m gonna allow myself willingly, and not forced by someone else, to go.

Maple was a great character I have to say.

She was just a typical newbie going into a game for the first time and putting all her eggs into whatever basket she felt she was most comfortable with. That just so happened to be defense which led to some great moments like her just letting things poison her to build up immunity to them or letting things attack her because it didn’t hurt her anyway.

Also I love the fact that she lost her weapon in the boss fight so basically decided to eat it.

She’s raising eyebrows as people see her doing things that they think are weird but she doesn’t notice and she’s just out to have a great time and I like that. I don’t usually watch shows like this because I find them pretty boring but I really just related to it. She’s the kind of person that doesn’t care that she’s in a game with try hard’s she just wants to have a good time which is what games are all about.

I’m also happy this isn’t a “stuck in a game” type thing and it really is just a RPG that she can log in and out of at any given time and that none of the pain she might be in in game will ever effect her.

Again I usually prefer that kind of anime because I like a bit of danger but this is just such a calm and nice show that it is nice to move away from that “lost in another world” type thing and just have someone enjoying a game because it is a game.

You know like normal people do.

Makes me kind of mad that we don’t have VR that good or a VR RPG that good either but that is for another time.

Really enjoyed it much more then I thought I would. Half of me wanted to review it because I knew that Anna had been annoyed at the Cautious Hero show and I wanted to look at something similar yet different and I’m happy that I picked the one that seems to actually be something she would enjoy whereas she got what she got.

Excited just a little to see where it goes.

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