Plunderer : The Legendary Ace

Episode 1

Densetsu no Gekitsui-ō” (伝説の撃墜王)

In a world where your life seems to be centered around a number on your body we meet Hina, whose number goes up when she walks, on the look for the Legendary Ace.

This gets a tentative pass from me.

It is a beautiful show, the way the characters are drawn and animated is nice to watch and I like how bright it is even when it goes a bit darker. The characters so far are also pretty decent, Hina is your typical oblivious anime girl with something she needs to do whilst Licht is the typical hero in hiding type.

That being said the story was its strongest point whilst its comedy aspect was its biggest negative.

I like how they just told us about the numbers, you kind of have to be a little generous in believing that someone in this world would be so clueless to something important in their life even if they lived on their own but it meant that we got a thorough explanation of how the number system works. It didn’t explain how you know what will increase or decrease the number or how that is even chosen but I kind of hope at some point we find out because they seem super odd.

Like Hina’s is how much she’s walked, so how can her number ever decrease?

Whereas the woman who was with Licht’s number is based on those who say her food is delicious.

In other words it is super interesting but also super weird. That in itself makes the show much more interesting then it could have been because you also learn that people can take other people’s numbers, there are things called Ballots (I think that is how it would be spelled it sounded like they were saying that anyway) which cancel out your negatives and so on. The actual story itself is yet to actually get interesting as we just know that Hina is on the search for the Legendary Ace and that is about it but the actual world itself is hilarious.

When it comes to the comedy though by this point it is obvious that this type of comedy doesn’t interest me and whilst it in some ways actually helped make the darker part of this episode dark I just don’t find it funny watching some guy accidentally trying to perv on a girl because her number is on her inner thigh.

Not only that but the next episode preview was going on about panties and if that is actually the depth of the humour in this show it might get stale very quickly.

For a first episode though it was enjoyable and worth sticking with the series for at least a little longer.

I kind of want to know more about the world they are in, the numbers and where they come from as well as what this abyss that people get dragged to is all about. There is enough in the series to make me interested at this point and not enough to drag it down to unwatchable levels.

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