Worzel Gummidge : The Green Man

After a wonderful first episode we are back with the second episode of the new Worzel Gummidge TV show. The magic just keeps seeping out of our TV as we reenter the world of Scarecrows.

There was once again a lot to love when it comes to this two part mini-series and I do hope that they make more. Like the first episode Mackenzie Crook managed to blend what could come across as a nightmarish vision with a sweet story and some amazingly lovely characters and create a hour of truly heart warming TV fit for absolutely everyone.

What this episode had was time though and it used it so well.

Whilst I loved the first episode it had to set the scene, introduce the characters and bring everything together whilst telling a interesting story. This one had time to breath and let Crook go wild as Worzel Gummidge whilst also giving both India Brown and Thierry Wickens the chance to shine as Susan and John.

Everything about the episode was just fun though. From Worzel bragging about how he’ll win a Scarecrow competition to him interacting with both Earthly Mangold and Lady Bloomsbury, his mumbling and grumbling when he realises that he no longer can enter the competition to the more sad and down right heart breaking story of him having to stop talking to the children before begging the Green Man to let him continue to interact with them.

From beginning to end not only was it magical, fun and brought a giant smile to my face but it was packaged with a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack provided by Adrian McNally and The Unthanks.

It really is a beautiful series and I can’t tell you how much I loved the Trubblemakers.

They were a “biker” gang of scarecrows with vegetable heads that were basically going through a rebellious stage. To some they might actually be totally terrifying but I honestly just loved them, their “swearing” on the side of the cows were hilarious too and just childish fun. It really had me in tears of laughter as well as Earthly Mangold doing the age old babysitter ritual of embarrassing the rebellious teenagers that once were under their care.

Everything was so innocent, so simple yet so beautiful in execution that you just felt happy watching it.

Not only that but it ended with a sweet message that the children are indeed our future and that it is up to us to teach them that humans and nature need to work together else there will be nothing in the future for them. Just how gentle and heartfelt the message was and the way that Crook and Michael Palin as the Green Man set it out made me tear up more then it probably should have.

It was just absolutely perfect. One of the best shows the BBC have produced and once again from the brain of Mackenzie Crook.

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