Pet : The Crushers

Episode 1

Tsubushiya” (潰し屋)

The Winter Season has come in hard with all these visually impressive and pretty gruesome series. Now for yet another one.

Or at least its first episode is that way inclined.

For me this first episode was a trip and a half. I really enjoyed it but I have to admit that it was hard to keep up at times.

I’m finding it really difficult to put into words why I liked it though.

That is because I want to explain what is happening but you just can’t really explain it. So much happened yet so little happened and the experience needs to be, well, experienced to understand just what was happening.

So I apologise if this review ends up being kind of short and maybe not making its point all that well.

Character wise there isn’t much to go on right now. Satoru is a empty shell that we’ve barely got to know, Tsukasa and Hiroki don’t seem to have a set character yet either having played up to a act to get close to Kenji, who I’m not sure will be a important character at all, and that act now being dropped.

That being said I like how evil Katsuragi comes over as without having any idea why right now he would be evil.

When it comes to the story it is pretty interesting.

We live in a world were people can enter others minds and manipulate them. I liked that this was introduced first off by meeting Satoru as a child and having someone actually explain it whilst inside his own mind.

So we see Satoru drowning in his mothers twisted and suicidal mind being saved by Hayashi and being given a peak in which he can plant all his happy memories.

Whilst we don’t really get a explanation and it is left up to us to just see this and understand it I kind of like that we just got shown what it is that is happening instead of someone trying to explain it or even the rest of the episode happening and us being left to try and figure it out in our heads.

From there we see what these people can do when their powers are used for the worst.

Kenji is made to go crazy and that is one of the parts of the episode I really liked.

We saw his friend basically turned into a child who wanted to go super fast and fly in a car, this was used to have him commit suicide, but actually seeing him not being able to see the world in the correct way was super interesting.

It was also really scary because these two random people ended up being the ones doing it to him which makes you wonder how much of the series you’ll even be able to trust because how does anyone know that they aren’t being manipulated?

As for its animation style there were some truly terrifying moments which I really liked yet when it got down to business it was pretty plain and normal looking stuff.

So yeah I really am looking forward to jumping into this world.

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