Babylon : Chain

Episode 9

Rensa” (連鎖)

Our focus has now shifted from just Shiniki to the entire world as the Suicide Law spreads far and wide.

Well to France, Canada and the US.

Again not much of this show makes any real sense and the problem I think I have is just the character of Magase is so over powered that you can’t really get excited or worried or anything else.

I do still really like the President if I’m honest.

His way of thinking about things and taking everyone’s side in really interests me, I don’t really get why he can’t have a conversation with Itsuki but at the same time this is where the Magase thing comes into play. It would be so interesting to hear a conversation between the two of them, someone who is willing to listen and someone who apparently has a passionate voice in the argument but you can’t help but feel if contact is ever made in these last few episodes it’ll be with Magase close at hand instead of just hearing two sides to the argument.

As soon as Seizaki appeared I knew the fight was back between the world and a woman who can change her appearance completely, hypnotize people within seconds to do anything she wants and doesn’t even need to be in the room to make the entire room commit suicide.

Which regardless of what the writers might think isn’t as interesting as the political debate on the Suicide Law or whatever it is Itsuki might actually be up to.

This just made the episode a bit of a slog.

To be fair most of these episode are a bit of a slog anyway. They are all very wordy to the point that the words stop making any logical sense and that might be the biggest problem it has. Whilst I am hooked on every conversation when I leave that conversation and have to think about it with a brain that actually works nothing that was said was of any importance or made any sense of anything it was meant to.

Every conversation about Magase is just weird, it is usually men just trying to tell us how they feel the need to orgasm by just talking to her yet at the same time how that somehow equates to wanting to kill themselves.

Each conversation about the Suicide Law tends to just go around in circles and whilst it was interesting to see the President actually say that it might be a front for something else and actually try to analyse it no one else wants to so there is no actual point in rehashing the same conversation every other episode.

We get the point.

Magase is some sort of supernatural witch and the Suicide Law is wrong.

Thing is the show is like Magase in the way that it makes you want to watch the episodes and find out what happens but it can be difficult to motivate myself to want to watch it and afterwards I can’t really remember what it was that I just watched or why when I was watching it I was so interested.

This show, and I guess Magase herself, is just one giant metaphor for sex.

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