Anime Highlights Week 52

30th December 2019 – 5th January 2020

It is the first Highlights of the New Year and new DECADE!

Of course the next two weeks might be very slim pickings as we wait for the series that we’re going to pick up to start but there are some that are rolling over and a few that will start up so to try and get the year off to a good start here is our Highlights of the first week of 2020!

Fixing a hole in my heart I never thought could be fixed

What a long title but Asteroid in Love honestly filled up a hole that was left behind by my all time favourite Slice of Life show Kiniro Mosaic.

It has a simple story, sweet characters and a charming way of presenting itself. What makes it so much better then maybe even Kiniro Mosaic is that whilst it has that wholesome and heart warming feel to it there is no character, so far, that I look at and feel will be too loud for me at any point. Each character is sweet, softly spoken yet wildly passionate and determined to do what is right.

Plus there is so much room for exploration of the world around them.

This isn’t just a buddy story it is a buddy story with the best parts of science thrown in. Whilst I’m not expecting Dr. Stone I’m also not expecting it to be Kiniro Mosaic either. Not that I’m stupid enough to look for something of something else in a new show but you know what I mean.

For the first episode of what 2020 has to offer it blew my mind with how much I could fall in love with anything in one episode.

Darkness prevails…

Two of the shows we watched this week were pretty dark.

Yes we have two of our favourite genres back. Killing Games in Darwin Games and Horror Magical Girl with a sequel to one of the original Horror Magical Girl shows in Magia Record.

Both shows had the perfect aura and really settled you in for the complete opposite of the heart warming Asteroids in Love.

Whether it is being chased by a guy in a mascot outfit ready to kill you because his life had been so boring until he’d become a hunter in a game to what looks like a conspiracy to force Magical Girls into the same place to either kill themselves fighting over Grief Seeds or just waste away from the competition.

Witches Labyrinths

One of the only things that I truly loved from Madoka Magica when I reviewed it a few years ago was the Witches Labyrinths.

They were beautifully animated in a grotesque kind of way. Childish yet somehow terrifying and that hasn’t changed one bit in this show. Everything about them just made me feel happy to be back in a world that I honestly never liked much to begin with.

Talking about beautiful but grotesque…

ID : Invading might have been a lot of things but I have to say it shares that beautiful yet horrifying imagery in it that Magia Record.

Even something as clinical and clean as the well ended up being quite beautiful in the horrific things we were seeing, people literally in pieces walking around like full people. When the serial killer actually came out of the dead girl on the floor having pieced his pieces into her I actually have to say I was super impressed.

Not only that but the killer in this episode himself was pretty brilliantly animated with the hole in his head.

We are not going to be without amazing visuals this season.

So many wonderful characters!

We didn’t get many shows start this week but every single one we watched (what like 4?) had some fantastic characters.

If anything that is what is going to keep us interested in these shows at least. As you have noticed last year quite often what turns us off shows more then bad writing, jokes we don’t like or stories that make little sense to us are characters.

We can get over just about anything but if a character is super unlikable or just really rub us up the wrong way then that is it for that show.

Personally, and it might not be a surprise to many, my favourites were the entire group in Asteroid in Love but every show had a great main character, interesting side characters and in Darwin’s Games case some fantastically scary villains for us to fear.

What more can you ask for?

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