Worzel Gummidge : The Scarecrow of Scatterbrook

A return to our TVs of anyone my ages favourite Scarecrow, Worzel Gummidge. From the magical mind of Mackenzie Crook we have a new re-imagining of a wonderful story.

I’ll start this off by saying that I really want the BBC to continue to make shows like this.

Right from the start everything from the music, the beautiful credits, the wonderful cast and the beautiful setting just made you feel warm and happy. It also had a beautiful blend of the world this story was originally written in brought crashing into the here and now without ruining the charm or magic of the series.

Mackenzie Crook absolutely shone as the grumpy yet friendly and scatterbrained scarecrow Wurzel Gummidge who befriends two children by accident and shows them the magic of the world around them. I grew up with a much different Gummidge, played by the wonderful Jon Pertwee, and whilst I can see why some people were turned away by the new look it didn’t take long before you fell in love with not only the wonderful character but the crazy look that they had gone with.

There were times when it did feel a little creepy but by the time the Scarecrows all got together and started singing and dancing you couldn’t help but find beauty in the weird and wonderful designs that they had gone with.

Plus each Scarecrow looked so different too.

I loved the one with the ironing board for his body and Earthly Mangold, which was the only one I know the name for, was just magical.

It wasn’t just the Scarecrows that stole my heart though the rest of the cast were great as well which isn’t surprising. Not when you have Steve Pemberton as a grumpy farmer and Rosie Cavaliero as the much more friendly farmers wife who looks after the kids as they get used to being in this new place.

As for the kids themselves India Brown and Thierry Wickens were fantastic as Susan and John. I loved following them around on their adventures and one thing I really loved was that they embraced the world they were in. So often in shows like this you’d stick a bunch of modern children into a old fashioned setting and they would be annoyed and complaining where as John and Susan took it in their stride that they had no phones or wifi.

It really was the music that made me fall in love before anything else as well.

The score on this show was beautiful from beginning to end and I loved the singing Scarecrows as they helped save the harvest. Honestly the Unthinks are a wonderful group and Adrian McNally has created something so wonderful.

Not only all this but they tried to put a good message about the damage we are doing to our country and wildlife with them having to team up with the crows to get carrier bags out of the tree, it didn’t come over as preachy but was also a super important message to have in the show as well.

Overall I just adored the episode and can’t wait to watch the second.

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