Magia Record : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story : Have You Heard? That Rumor About the Magical Girls

Episode 1

Yaa yaa, Shitteru? Mahō Shōjo no Sono Uwasa” (やぁやぁ、知ってる?魔法少女のその噂)

We reviewed Madoka Magica back in 2018 as part of our flashback series. It was one of those series that everyone always talked about and with my interests in horror and dark things everyone was always confused how I had never watched it.

Well I did and I didn’t enjoy it all that much but with a lack of horror Magical Girl things recently I decided to give Magia Record, a anime based on a game spin off of Madoka Magica, a try.

I honestly liked the first episode more then anything in the original series as well if I’m honest with you.

For a start Iroha Tamaki is just a easier main character to get along with, her and Kuroe seem like a nice duo and whilst there is a mystery about what her wish was and why she can’t remember it there was nothing there that instantly made me roll my eyes at her.

She seems like a capable, well rounded character compared to Madoka in the original who was… Well… Everything but that.

It seems someone is planting the idea in Magical Girls head that they can go to Kamihama City and be safe, what this seems to be doing is sending a bunch of Magical Girls to one place which means not enough Grief Seeds to go around and Magical Girls probably hunting each other. I instantly when hearing about it thought it would be a Witch that is somehow implanting these thoughts into the girls head to get them in one place and to have them fight each other instead of the actual threats but we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

There isn’t much more to go on in this episode really other then that.

As I said Iroha is a decent main character to follow so far, she has that little mystery around her and the animation style to show off that mystery is fantastic.

Even something as simple as those photos at the end that obviously have Ui missing from them kind of sent small chills up my spine.

As for who Ui is we don’t really know, right at the end of the episode we learn that Iroha’s wish was to save Ui from some disease but who she is, why Iroha can’t remember her and whether or not she’s the girl with the weird face in the dreams that Iroha is having is yet to be confirmed but it is enough of a hook to keep me wanting to come back.

Again I love the animations on the Witches Labyrinth’s and all that stuff, it really is one of the most beautiful yet horrific things you’ll ever see. It was what kept me coming back to the original and works even better in a story that I’m already more interested in then I ever was in the other one.

Can’t wait to see where it goes and I know I still need to watch The Rebellion Story.

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