ID : Invaded : Jigsawed / Jigsawed 2

Episode 1 & 2

So sometime in December the first two episodes of ID : Invaded were released on streaming services and I totally missed it because I don’t think I had decided I was watching it yet but here it is now that I realised that it has already been released for weeks.

Also I’m not sure if we’ll have to wait a few weeks for any other episode but we have it here. Two episodes.

I feel like I kind of managed to follow what was happening.

For me the first half which probably was the entire first episode was a tiny bit confusing but I got it in the end and I think I’m happy I learnt they had been brought out together to watch instead of watching them singularly later because I probably would have been confused as hell and less likely to watch it.

So we have a mystery type series where one of the characters Narihisago is sent into wells, turns into the Brilliant Detective Sakaido and has to figure out what is going on in the head of serial killers.

Or something like that.

It was super interesting but the technology was so out there and even the characters admitted they didn’t know how it truly worked that it was semi difficult to follow but that didn’t stop me enjoying it.

Sakaido isn’t a very interesting character but Narihisago in the tiny bit he was in at the end of the second episode was super interesting. I kind of guessed bits and pieces of what was happening like the girl Kureu not actually being a victim but something that Sakaido was bringing into the world with him as well as Narihisago being somehow imprisoned and not a free man.

We don’t know what happened there but it made him much more interesting then his virtual character is.

The virtual worlds are pretty cool, they are based on how the person it is based on see’s the world so the first one was in parts like a jigsaw because the killer saw the world and people in pieces then when he jumped into Hondocmachi’s it was just a bare land with drill imagery because she was having her head drilled into. It is a interesting concept that I can’t wait to see other wells because it could be pretty cool going forward.

It’ll be interesting to see what the point going forward is.

Will it focus on the story that got Narihisago to this point or the team and characters like Hondocmachi?

Or will it go from killer to killers minds, jumping into different wells all the time and seeing what they can learn from it?

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